Big Brother Season 23 E08 Recap: Brent's Ego Rages & Wild Card Worries

The eighth episode of CBS' Big Brother season 23 saw a new HOH navigate which alliance he would stick with and an ego a little too large for other houseguests. Spoilers are plentiful and heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding a very Tom Green-centered HOH competition this season of Big Brother. While Britini and Azah feel the heat from Frenchie's elimination, Brent falls more and more in love with himself each day. Hannah feels like vomiting from his words, Whitney wants to run away from her own teammate, and general irritation with him was being felt in the Big Brother house. Tiffany showed her hopes for Brent to be put up by Xavier, but a struggle due to alliances continued to come into play. Whitney also ends up falling into Tiffany's view as a potential individual to put on the block. While Xavier dealt with the struggles of which alliance to stay true to, Tiffany seemed to have made up his mind for him.

Big Brother Season 23 E08 Recap: Brent's Ego & Wild Card Worries
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Hannah and Derek X show up as a show romance that many Big Brother houseguests are hoping for. The romance was for sure alive as Alyssa and Christian could be seen cuddling. Through the cloud of romance, there was still a target present on Brent's back in the episode. Before more plans could be made, the Wild Card Competition arrived for houseguests, along with a special decision opportunity. The people picked to play included Derek X, Tiffany, and Britini. The plan that came into play before the competition came from Derek X and Tiffany, to have Tiffany win and make sure Britini didn't get near the chance.

The Wild Card Competition, "Unlucky 13", involved grabbing large cards from a pile and walking across a balance beam to a stand where the cards could be placed and needed to add up to 13 total. Sabotage was possible in the game and Tiffany & Derek X take the opportunity against Britini first before she gets in on it. Britini got eliminated from the game first, leaving Tiffany and Derek X to end it. In the end, Tiffany won the Wild Card Competition and the big decision it included. The decision for Tiffany became safety alongside a member of the jokers and a member from the aces or no safety guaranteed at all. Her decision ended up being to decline the safety offer.

Xavier makes it known that he wants to put up Brent and looks to use Britini as a pawn next to him but now without a deep and tension-filled conversation with Azah about it. Both sides make sense, with one not wanting to continually mess with Britini like they are and the other concerned with continued emotion-filled decisions in the Big Brother house. Brent's cocky attitude did him no good speaking with Xavier about nominations. When the nomination ceremony took place, Brent and Britini were placed on the block. The veto competition will decide their fates this upcoming Wednesday at 8 PM EST on CBS. Let us know in the comments if you think Xavier made the right call!

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