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Bob's Burgers, Parks & Rec, Broad City & More "Must Laugh" TV Shows

It's been a rough time lately in the world, and now more than ever we find a lot of comfort in the comedic media in our lives. The options become enormous once we look at various streaming platforms, but there are some TV shows that have us laughing even after we've viewed the series multiple times. There's fantastic beauty in a favorite series having that sort of power. Below are five television shows that I find to be a favorite to return to again and again. So, take a look and maybe you'll be reminded of a gem you wanna watch again- as we look at Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Drunk History, Broad City, and Bob's Burgers.

Our 5 Favorite Shows That Make Us Laugh Again and Again
Abbi and Ilana from the TV show 'Broad City'. Source: Comedy Central

"Broad City": One of the funniest and "most realest" shows about women living in NYC, and yes I'm including Sex and the City in that conclusion. Very raw and honest about the hilarious and depressing parts of the feminine experience of life and the general life in a big city, this show does so much.

"Parks and Recreation': A beloved TV comedy, this show has not only a fantastic cast but also some of the best comedic writing around every season. From the minds that have recently worked on other gems such as The Good Place, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her team in the Parks & Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana, are so very rewatchable.

'New Girl': The personalities in this show are some of the best and most quotable. I go back to this one often not only for episodes that make me laugh, but I also go back for the true and honest relationships shown. One of those rare shows that found the right way to mix comedy with drama.

"Drunk History": Watching drunk comedians and celebrities attempt to recall historical events is something unique in itself, but this show takes it a step further with reenactments.  Many random celebs and actors are involved in acting out the retelling to a hilarious extent every time. I also learned a lot more about history from this show and I have a college education.

"Bob's Burgers": Not many animated adult comedies can have such a reach for such a long time. Many shows took some time to find their footings, such as The Simpsons or Family Guy, and it's exciting to see such a funny show like Bob's Burgers continue to dish out the laughs season after season today.

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