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"Drunk History" to Tackle Poodle "Fame" (PREVIEW)

Fame is one of those things that skews the reality behind the famous person, often times over-shadowing the other accomplishments that person might have had in life. Comedy Central's Drunk History will be looking into the effects that massive popularity can have on a person's career on the next episode, titled, appropriately enough, "Fame." Hedy […]

'Drunk History" Returns with a Flying Lawn Chair

'Drunk History" S06, Ep08: Derek Waters Returns with a Flying Lawn Chair

Imagine my delight when this week's episode of Drunk History came on. This week's episode features a segment about Lawn Chair Larry Walters (Colin Hanks), who managed to make history with a flight on his lawn chair. Doug Jones tells the story of Larry, who really, really wanted to fly. He had been rejected by […]

Drunk History Christmas Special

'Drunk History' Returning with Full Roster of Drunk Historians

One of the many mistakes a person can make while watching Drunk History on Comedy Central is trying to keep up with the celebrity historians. I tried once to match Paget Brewster, and failed gloriously. My lesson has been learned, but this latest announcement has me seriously intrigued. Maybe with training I will do better! […]

Doctor Who Series 12 Hiatus Hijinks: What to Watch While We Wait…And Wait

It is a brand new year, 'Resolution' and its Dalek has come and gone, and we are now in for at least a year of waiting before we get any new Doctor Who television adventures…so what is a Whovian to do? While I have seriously considered just being sad and yelling at people on the internet, there […]

'Drunk History' Tackles "The Creation of Frankenstein" in 2019

If you haven't seen an episode of Comedy Central's Drunk History, you are missing out.  Especially if you are someone who knows historical reenactors (or if you are one yourself). Series host and creator Derek Waters just commented on this Twitter post from the official Drunk History account, with a trailer for a new episode of the series coming […]

TV Scorecard: Bleeding Cool's Guide to January 2019 Premieres/Returns

With 2018 ready to shuffle off this mortal coil in a little over a month, it's never too early to take a look ahead at what's coming up for the new year – and 2019 looks like it's going to make this year feel like Fischer-Price "My First TV Schedule." So while Bleeding Cool rewires […]

The Walking Dead, Outlander, David Tennant Highlight PaleyFest NY 2018 Schedule

PaleyFest NY 2018 has released its official session schedule for the annual two-week celebration of the television series format. This year's selection includes popular scripted series such as The Walking Dead, Outlander, and The Good Fight; as well as "reality" competition series Shark Tank and Top Chef. Doctor Who's David Tennant will also be holding […]

Drunk History

Comedy Central Keeps the Drinks Flowing by Renewing Drunk History

Comedy Central won't be starting up the 12 steps just yet. The network has announced a sixth season renewal for their unreliable narrator-led historical reenactment series, Drunk History. The series, hosted by Derek Waters, features inebriated guests explaining little known moments in history while various actors… some of which are rather famous… act out the […]

Drunk History Christmas Special

Wanna See A Bit Of The Drunk History Christmas Special?

History is often told by the winners, sure, but what happens when they're super drunk?  This is exactly what happens on Comedy Central's brilliant series Drunk History. This year, Comedy Central is doing a slew of holiday specials, including a Drunk History one called simply, Drunk History: Christmas Special. A sneak peek was just released, which you can […]

Daily Show, President Show, And Drunk History Set For Holiday Specials

The holiday season is a time for giving thanks, a little personal self-reflection and spending time with the family. To insure that we survive the experience, Comedy Central is lining up their heavy-hitters (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Drunk History and The President Show) for specials to help save us from too much "holiday […]

Drunk History Crew Struggles With Production Speed

Variety scored an interview with Chloe Arbiture, the Emmy-nominated production designer, wherein she gave everyone some insight into the making of the Comedy Central series, Drunk History. For those who don't know, Drunk History is the sketch series which builds a recreation of history as told by drunken actors, comedians, and barflies. The cast within the sketches rotates, with […]