Bob's Burgers Season 11 Goes Home Alone with Mr. Lonely Farts: Review

FOX's Bob's Burgers looked at the middle child experience, as Gene finds himself left accidentally at home while the family splits up to get stuff done in town- so clearly, this episode has three separate storylines to keep track of. The first story involves Gene home alone, the second involves Bob, Teddy, and Louise meeting someone for new restaurant equipment, and the third involves wishful shoe shopping done by Linda and Tina. Switching between each story, before they connect in the end, this Bob's Burgers episode has some opportunities taken and some lost. As always the details in the scenes, from the shoe store's hilarious and bleak clearance section to the struggle to preoccupy a bored Gene, are done with excellent intention.

Bob's Burgers Season 11 Gets Home Alone With Mr. Lonely Farts: Review
Linda and Tina go shoe shopping. Source: FOX

When we witness the experience of Linda and Tina at the shoe store, I became hopeful that the episode would contain more moments from them together than what was presented. The relationship that is present between the mother and daughter is excellent and so oddly adored when shown. We all know the store with the mismatched clearance sections become slightly ominous when approached, and it was great to see this scenario play out. On the other side of things, the trio of Bob, Teddy, and Louise in a "craigslist" style meetup for new restaurant gear follows true fears of selling goods online. Louise's character in this Bob's Burgers episode does an excellent job at freaking out her father and Teddy to a hilarious extent.

These scenes felt adequate in length compared to what else was happening in the episode. On the other hand, the main story didn't feel as attractive as the others for paying attention to. The references and style of the witty dialogue were funny at times but then it became long-winded rants. Gene is a lovable and quick character in how he responds to situations, but the way this opportunity to have him alone didn't feel thoroughly thought out. I'm hopeful for better ways to approach broadening Gene's character, but this didn't feel like the way to go. I don't wish for viewers or myself to end up irritated by the end of a scene with what should be something funny and relatable.

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