Bob's Burgers Season 11 Opener Good Sign of Things to Come: Review

FOX's Bob's Burgers returned for its 11th season with an episode involving a theme many can relate to in the world today: shame, with a focus on Tina and Bob. Tina's journey is understanding the mystery of a hand-slapping song that everyone, even Mr. Fischoeder, seems to know. The other, larger story, involving Bob's imagination, takes the viewer on a journey through the underbelly of the family car. Bob passes out in the car after his back spasms in search of the key to a safe that holds Tina's birth certificate. A shrunken Bob navigates Dreamland with the help of a talking ball of rubber bands and a sassy self-help tape. The episode gave us an insight into the depth the show can dive towards in their writing.

Bob's Burgers S11E01 Recap: "Dream A Little Bob Of Bob"
Bob meets an old friend in the Bob's Burgers season premiere. Source: Fox

The scenes were not only well animated, but they were also indicative of a fun season ahead. Introduction to the new Bob's Burgers season started out small, showing primarily the restaurant and the car. And although not many other characters outside the family and Teddy were shown, fun extra moments like a random entrance by Mr. Fishoeder expecting his typical denial of rental payment made for a fun surprise. Many fans will likely expect to see more of their favorites in the upcoming, such as Mr. Ambrose, Gayle, Critter, Mr. Frond, and more.

The adventurous and humorous tone of Bob's Burgers was on display, with Bob's journey reminiscent of another season opener that had Louise having flu-inspired dreams. Something looked at in the episode was the shame that can occur with feelings of imperfection and not being included. Tina stuck through the hilarious hardships of learning the hand-slapping song, while Bob realized adulting is hard and imposter syndrome is as real as ever. Bob fights a form of his shame that comes to life in combined parts of junk from the floor of the car. And through some excellent creative work, Bob's Burgers addresses the power that comes with being good to yourself. Watching this season premiere left me excited and comforted by the future possibilities of season 11- a strong, creative start to the long-running animated series.

Tina Belcher learning the hand-slapping song. Source: Fox
Tina Belcher learning the hand-slapping song. Source: Fox

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