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Bob's Burgers S11E19 Ponders Bridges, Friendship, & Meditation: Review
While the Belcher kids join Tina to meet up at Rudy's for her plant-sitting, Louise and Gene find out about an explosive bridge toy and decide when to apologize after some exchanged words Meanwhile, Mort's explanation of his new use for meditation in his life has Linda looking to Bob to try it out Mort[...]
Bob's Burgers Season 11 Romances The Beef & Our Hearts: Review
Although not typically a romantic spot, the family burger joint does its best at rearranging some seats to fit the mood. Louise and Gene attempt to impress V-day customers Source: Fox The commentary on weighing the pros and cons of big romantic gestures or what constitutes as romance is a cool thing to see in Bob's Burgers[...]
Bob's Burgers: Our 5 Fav Episodes Of Bob Belcher Being A Boss
From being an incredible dad to Tina, Louise, and Gene to a caring and loving partner to Linda, his actions and development speak for themselves As always, it's hard to pick amongst the many episodes divided throughout the multiple seasons that have already aired, but I managed to do it. Bob goes undercover for Tina[...]
Our Top 5 Louise Belcher Episodes Of Bob's Burgers
The personality, the sarcasm, the extreme wit of Louise Belcher, the youngest child in Bob's Burgers, are present in every episode of the loved series, but there are a couple of episodes that stick out The unique identity given to a character like Louise is something rare to see so adored by fans, yet Bob's Burgers fans aren't[...]
Bob's Burgers 'Heartbreak Hotel-oween' Was Worth The Wait [REVIEW]
A familiar voice joined the cast, Lindsey Stoddart, who has voiced characters like Cynthia (Logan's mom), and now voices Dolores, the elderly woman seeking the ghost of her lost lover at a local hotel. The kids' interaction with Dolores on Halloween is fantastic, and the dichotomy of the urge for Louise to get the candy at[...]
Bob's Burgers S11E03 Gave Us Jazz And Returning Favorites
On the other hand, the kids aren't being controlled by Jen, she tends to be controlled by them, as Louise leads the group to host a pool party in the basement… cozy Bob's Burgers doesn't disappoint with this episode, in both comedic wit and character development. The chaotic energy in this episode is what I've loved[...]
Bob's Burgers S11E01 Recap: "Dream A Little Bob Of Bob"
Frond, and more. The adventurous and humorous tone of Bob's Burgers was on display, with Bob's journey reminiscent of another season opener that had Louise having flu-inspired dreams Something looked at in the episode was the shame that can occur with feelings of imperfection and not being included Tina stuck through the hilarious hardships of learning the[...]