Charlotte Flair & Beck Lynch: The War Of Words Continues

WWE Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch and WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair are set to face-off in a Champion versus Champion match this coming Sunday night at WWE Survivor Series and if that battle is even half as heated as their battle of words in the press and their reported real-life animosity, then we're in for quite the slugfest Sunday night.  And if things between them weren't already ramped up, a new interview with Flair has provoked reactions from Lynch and her own father.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair: The War Of Words Continues
Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch on the 11/15/2021 episode of Raw, cutting another very personal promo on Charlotte Flair, courtesy of WWE.

In a new sit-down interview with BT Sport, Charlotte Flair was at one point in the interview asked specifically about her attitude and confidence and if that's what rubs people (such as Becky Lynch) the wrong way with her in WWE?  A visibly agitated Flair answered as follows:

"Yes, it obviously does rub people the wrong way.  But if I was a man would it rub people the wrong way? I mean, no one ever looks at a man and goes, 'Why does he want to be the world champion again?' Or 'He's been on top all these years.' Is it because I'm a woman? Because I've done it all?  Because we have a smaller divison? Why? What? 'Charlotte's difficult?' Why? Is it because I stand up for what I believe in? That makes me difficult? But if I was a man I'd have big balls, right? No. I know how good I am. Man or woman, I'm the best."

A clip of her answer was shared on the WWE on BT Sport Twitter and was seen by Becky Lynch, who took it as an opportunity to offer a response, where she said "No one on our roster acts like this, man or woman. Gender ain't the issue here."

Becky Lynch wasn't done with Charlotte Flair though, as on Raw last night, she called out the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion in yet another very personal in-ring promo.

The passionate promo drew the ire of Flair… oh not Charlotte, but rather her father, WWE Hall of Famer, and occasional harasser of flight attendants, Ric Flair.  The Nature Boy took to his own Twitter account to talk some trash to Becky Lynch on behalf of his daughter.

So it looks like it's Becky Lynch versus the entire Flair family (though no words from David Flair as of right now), but the real heat here is between the two former close friends and now bitter enemies.  Like any good wrestling rivalry, this one has blurred the lines of show and reality, which can only help in piquing interest to see what happens next (and god knows WWE and Survivor Series needs all of the help it can get with drumming up interest).

Here's hoping the Becky Lynch versus Charlotte Flair match itself lives up to the drama, both on-screen and off, that has preceded it.

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