Chris Jericho, Echoing Trump, Questions Post-Election-Day Vote Count

AEW star Chris Jericho echoed former WWE colleague President Donald Trump in questioning post-election-day vote counting Wednesday morning. Jericho took to Twitter following Trump's late-night speech from the White House to call the lack of an answer on the presidential election on election night "strange" and imply it's never happened before. Jericho didn't go as far as to outright claim that late vote-counting is fraud like President Trump did, however.

Chris Jericho appears on an episode of AEW Dynamite. (Image: AEW)
Chris Jericho appears on an episode of AEW Dynamite. (Image: AEW)

"Im not a political person, but is it strange to anybody else, that for the first time ever, we have to wait a day…2 days…5 days…10 days…to find out who won the the presidential race?" Jericho tweeted. Of course, it's not really that strange. The country is in the midst of a pandemic. There is record turnout. There are a large number of mail-in ballots. Republicans have seemingly gone out of their way to make sure those mail-in ballots couldn't be counted on time in places like Pennsylvania. And the race is extremely close in a bitterly divided country. So it makes sense that we wouldn't know the results right away, under the circumstances.

But by parroting Trump's position that votes counted after election day is "strange" or unusual, Chris Jericho helps spread a negative perception about the legitimacy of the election in the same way he helped spread COVID-19 at the Sturgis biker rally with a Fozzy concert. Jericho's support of his former WWE colleague, President Donald Trump, is nothing new. Jericho has donated thousands of dollars to Trump's reelection efforts and has featured guests such as Donald Trump Jr. on his podcast, so his position on the matter has been clear.

Born in New York to Canadian parents, Chris Jericho holds dual citizenship in the United States and Canada and so is entitled to a say in the U.S. election despite being billed as from Winnipeg and playing up his Canadian identity during his pro wrestling career.

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