Wrestling News: Jericho 4 Trump, Tables 4 Lana, COVID 4 WrestleKingdom

Here's some wrestling news that circulated around the dirt sheet-o-sphere this afternoon. Wrestlers became the latest group to see fans realize they could look up which candidates they donated money to. NJPW set plans for Wrestle Kingdom attendance in January. And more!

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Star Chris Jericho appears on AEW Dynamite. Photo Credit: AEW
All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Star Chris Jericho appears on AEW Dynamite. Photo Credit: AEW

Who These Wrestlers Donated Money To May Surprise You (But Probably Not Because It's Trump)

When you make a contribution to a political campaign in the United States, your information is registered in a database, and that database is searchable by the public. And that's how folks on Twitter discovered that AEW star Chris Jericho donated $3,000 to President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, in three separate $1,000 donations in the month of October.

Folks on Reddit also discovered that The Undertaker donated $1,000 to Trump last month, but Trump isn't the only one getting wrestler money.

Today in Wrestling: Jericho 4 Trump, Tables 4 Lana,

AEW star Hangman Adam Page has been making a stream of small donations to the Democrats and Bernie Sanders, including one in August for the perfect sum of $4.20.

Today in Wrestling: Jericho 4 Trump, Tables 4 Lana,

And, in fact, the vast majority of donations from people employed by WWE are going to the Democrats, so there's hope for the business yet!

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NJPW Limits Wrestle Kingdom to 20,000 Fans

NJPW will be limiting the crowd in attendance at Wrestle Kingdom in January to just 20,000 people per night, 40% of the capacity of the Tokyo Dome. The move will potentially allow social distancing to be practiced. However, I would personally be wary of attending an event with that many people in the Winter when coronavirus is supposed to make a resurgence. Of course, this is happening in Japan, where coronavirus risk is lower than in the United States by virtue of not being run by President Trump. But who knows… he may be looking for a new job in January, so maybe he'll become President of Japan next.

Miscellaneous Wrestling News

Sammy Guevara has a new vlog out.

And now it's time for a little segment I like to call…

Stuff Meltzer Said That Wrestling News Sites Turned Into Clickbait

One of the most storied traditions of pro wrestling "journalism" is listening to Dave Meltzer's podcasts or reading the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, looking for any bit of idle speculation by Big Dave, and turning it into a clickbait article. This tradition is second in importance only to the tradition of fans reading some idle comment of Meltzer's on a wrestling website presented as "news" and then getting mad that Meltzer passes off his idle commentary as news stories. It's the circle of life. Here are the Meltzer comments which have popped up as "news" stories on the internet today. Bleeding Cool cannot verify whether Meltzer actually said these things or not (who has time to listen to wrestling podcasts during the day fer chrissakes), but we can assure you that websites are definitely reporting that he said them.

According to Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the reason WWE keeps having Nia Jax put Lana through tables is because they believe it will turn Lana into a "hot babyface." WWE creative apparently intends to keep putting Lana through tables until she gets over, dammit!

Also, according to Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, though WWE's contract with the Amway Center to host the Thunderdome ends on November 24th, both sides are negotiating an extension. But even if they do come to an agreement, The Thunderdome will need to be moved elsewhere.

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