Cody Rhodes Promises More Licensed Music in AEW's Future

AEW's second Full Gear PPV may be done and over, but the clickbait article material provided by a media conference call hosted by EVP Cody Rhodes could last for weeks to come! Cody answered many important questions on the call, but one question was more important than all the others. Why? Because it was asked by yours truly, of course! We wanted to know whose idea it was to license Cinderella's "Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone" for a video package promoting the match between Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page at Full Gear 2020. Cody, naturally, was blown away by our incredible question-asking abilities.

Cody Rhodes appears on AEW Dynamite. Photo Credit: Lee South / All Elite Wrestling
Cody Rhodes appears on AEW Dynamite. Photo Credit: Lee South / All Elite Wrestling

"That's a great question," Cody said, acknowledging said greatness. And as to whose idea it was to use the song, he said, "I'm fairly certain that Tony [Khan] and Kenny [Omega] are the ones who wanted to use Cinderella and get everyone in the backstage area and out in the seats singing it and being blown away."

"But actually, the second part of the question is what interests me the most: licensed music," Cody continued. "We have a wonderful in-house musician and band with Mikey Ruckus. We do. And Mikey, not unlike AEW, is open — bridges are down, doors are open — to that crossover with some licensed music. Some of the best VTR vignette packages and great songs were licensed songs."

"You absolutely will see more of that in AEW," Cody promised. "It is not my money to spend, but when it's spent on music that connects with people, just like a promo can connect with people, it's typically money well spent. I think you will see more licensed music. It becomes an interesting bit of legality, which I'm learning how that all works. As again, I jokingly always say, I didn't go to college. I'm getting a great experience and education from those who did. But yes, you'll definitely see more licensed music in the future for us, because it's a beautiful thing. It connects with people. And there's even some perhaps on the way now in terms of the marketing of Dynamite in year two."

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