CW's Reign Finally To Be Executed After Upcoming Season 4

reign1Fans of history-based series which have any approximation of being based in reality can breathe a collective sigh of relief as CW has informed the series producer, CBS TV Studios, that Reign will not be continuing beyond it's upcoming 4th season.

Production is currently wrapping up on the end of the 4th seasons episodes and it seems that there have been conversations between CW and CBS TV before this, so they likely had an opportunity to make adjustments to give some closure to the series.

"Loosely Based" (and I cannot possibly put enough quotation marks around that) on the life of a young Mary Queen of Scots starting with her time in France about to be married to Prince Francis, to up her arrival in Scotland.

Back in 2014, actress Anna Popplewell summed up the show's approach to history:

It's like historical fan-fiction. You've got these people we've all heard of, and we're watching them experience relationships and events that never happened. I've found that it's very easy to cling to research and get caught up in the accuracy of things. With Reign, it's about exploring these wild characters in hypothetical situations. We've kind of created a new world; it's fantasy history.

Some of the cast has said it's nice to have some Brits [on set]. hat's what the show has chosen to do. The French are going to sound English, the Scots are going to sound English.

All those pesky historical facts. If the writers had bothered to crack a book they would have found that the characters they've been working with all along were vastly more interesting and full of intrigue and romance then they've ever come up with in their fantasy world.

16 more episodes, then we see how it all ends. Given how the series has gone thus far, I'm expecting that it probably ends up with Queen Mary living happily ever after with Lord Darnley.

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