Dave Bautista Frustrated by Donald Trump's Lies in Presidential Debate

The second and final presidential debate took place last night, offering a calmer and more coherent debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump less than two weeks from Election Day. But despite a more civil tone, which was always a very low bar to clear following the first debate, this final meeting of these two adversaries could hardly be considered polite, largely because President Trump debates like an internet troll, saying whatever is necessary to "win" an argument regardless of whether he himself even believes it. In particular, this tactic proved of particular frustration to one of the greatest political analysts of our time; former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar, Dave Bautista.

Dave Bautista is involved in a long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump
Dave Bautista is involved in a long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump.

On Twitter, The Animal had just one comment on Trump's performance during the debate. "It's really frustrating to watch Trump debate with lies and conspiracy theory as though it was fact and not be called out on it in real-time," Bautista said, referring to President Trump's claims that Joe Biden received $3.5 million from the mayor of Moscow.

Indeed, it wouldn't have been hard to rebut many of the things Trump was saying; for example, Trump's accusations about Biden's son Hunter Biden could have easily been countered by bringing up the president's own coterie of large adult sons and daughters, a veritable showroom of textbook nepotism in action. For whatever reason, this didn't appear to be part of Biden's strategy, which largely consisted of chuckling during president Trump's speaking turns and repeatedly spouting catchphrases such as "here's the deal" and "c'mon." Whether that will turn out to be an effective strategy will become clear in the next two weeks.

Ultimately, I, too, found the debate frustrating, but for a different reason than Dave Bautista. Mostly, I was upset that the debate didn't spend any time talking about the most important issue to me as a voter: saving me from my imprisonment in the basement of Bleeding Cool's headquarters, where I have been held captive for months and forced to write clickbait articles about the tweets of Dave Bautista. Surely this treatment, which involves daily beatings from Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Kaitlyn Booth, is a violation of not just the American Constitution but also probably international law and the Geneva Convention. However, no one has come to my rescue, and, to my knowledge, neither candidate has expressed a stance on this issue. [Editor's Note: Jude, unless you have foreign ties, no presidential candidate cares about you.]

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