Arrow Season 6, Episode 8 Recap: Crisis On Earth-X Part 2

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow season 6 episode – Crisis on Earth-X Part 2.






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Part 2 starts with the heroes trying to find where the Nazis went and why they came to Earth-1. It is revealed that Earth-X is the 53 Earth and the one no one ever talked about. During the fight, they captured Prometheus and when he removes his hood we see that it's their version of Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell). He and Oliver have a private talk where it seems like he's getting through to Tommy, but instead Tommy kills himself with a cyanide pill. We then find out that Overgirl and Dark Arrow are married. The bad guys are there for a specific reason which we will find out later.

Stein and Jax have a talk and we learn that originally Jax was okay with being a Legend while Stein goes home to be a grandfather… but now its hitting him hard because Stein is the closest thing he's ever had to a father. We also get an idea that Felicity loves Oliver but doesn't want things to change while Oliver is ready for things to move forward. This is all put aside when the Nazis are found invading a building. Supergirl and Flash get there and then wait. Green Arrow shows up then make a comment about how he doesn't have super-speed. Not sure why they didn't bring everyone else. They confront the bad guys and learn who is under the mask. We also see that they are stealing a prism. The fight a bit and then Overgirl damages a building site putting the workers in danger. The heroes race over to secure the building and save lives. Flash gets everyone down, Supergirl welds a girder back into place and Green Arrow swing around laying out cables to help secure the structure. The bad guys get away clean.

Oh, and Oliver shot Overgirl with a Kryptonite arrow… which Supergirl asks him why the hell he has. His response, "in case an evil you ever showed up."

They have Overgirl's blood, see that she is not doing well, and use the radiation in her blood to track her. The team attacks and is holding their own against the Nazis, Overgirl and Dark Flash, but Dark Arrow is going to STAR Labs where he is confronted by Heat Wave and Killer Frost first and then Team Arrow. Earth-X Oliver Queen is able to take all five of them down and secure the building except for Felicity and Iris who are still lose. Back at the Warehouse, the bad guys brought Metallo who takes out Supergirl, then the rest of the heroes fall shortly after. They wake to find themselves in cuffs, some kind of collars and Kara missing. And we learn that the whole mission was to capture Kara, use the prism to created a red sun simulator, weaken her to the point that Thawne can do a heart transplant between her and Overgirl… saving Overgirl. Metallo knocks them out.

Team Arrow, Heat Wave and Killer Frost are put into the pipeline, which may be where they put Cisco. Felicity and Iris are still free. Felicity refers to Dark Arrow as, 'Oliver in the High Castle'. Meanwhile the heroes that were captured at the warehouse find themselves now on Earth-X in a prison area. Which is where we leave off for the first half of the event. Not sure why they need the heroes alive or to take them to Earth-X. Supergirl stayed on Earth-1 with Overgirl and Dark Flash.

This episode kept the emotional level high, through in some fun jokes like the super-speed, Kara's reaction to Dark Arrow and Overgirl being married and Rory trying to get Caitlin to change to Frost. But the Stein/Jax moment and the Oliver/Felicity moments were both good. As was the Oliver/Tommy moment and you can see that even Earth-X Oliver really loves Earth-X Kara. Halfway through the event and I'm anxious to see what happens next.

From the trailer below we see get a glimpse of Citizen Cold, The Ray and Quentin Lance in a Nazi uniform… could he be the new Fuehrer?

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