Descend Into Darkness with Netflix's "The Sons Of Sam" Trailer

An upcoming true-crime docuseries from Netflix seeks answers to the crimes of the "Son of Sam," David Berkowitz, and whether more people were involved. The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness, is a docuseries set to explore in more detail the possibility of more people being involved in the deadly time in NYC where Berkowitz's murderous rage was roaming free. Berkowitz, full name being Richard David Falco, began his killings in the summer of 1976 with his choice of weapon being a .44 caliber.

Descend Into Darkness With The Sons Of Sam Trailer From Netflix
Image of David Berkowitz' mugshot in the docuseries. Source: Netflix

He ended up pleading guilty to eight separate shootings, with the total dead being six people. In the next year, 1977, Berkowitz would end up being caught in August after a witness saw a car speed away after a shooting and recognized it had a parking ticket on it which led police to finally grab the one they assumed was responsible for it all.


The docuseries, including the plural terminology of "Sons of Sam," looks at how there may have been more involved in the satanic or darker underbelly of these murders from Berkowitz. The idea that more than one person was involved is even discussed by Berkowitz in the trailer as he refers to himself not being the only one to pull the trigger in those shootings. The belief that these acts were not solely done by Berkowitz is the central component of what the docuseries aims to examine. Joshua Zeman, the director of the excellent documentary Cropsey, which cast a spotlight on the disappearances of children on Staten Island, directed this series and worked with journalist Maury Terry, who's looked into the Son of Sam case for a long time. The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness will premiere its' episodes on Netflix on May 5th. Looking deeper at this horrific set of events, Netflix is digging into true crime cases and gathering a wider audience in doing so.

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