Did Triple H Tell NXT Talent AEW Bullied Them Off Wednesday Nights?

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, standing guard outside a pre-school near the United States Capitol Building in case Matt Gaetz walks past. But my friends, the reason I am writing to you today is because I have right here a hot, steaming scoop of pro wrestling dirt sheet gossip, from the mouth of Dave Meltzer himself. On the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio show, shock jock Meltzer and his zany sidekick Brian Alvarez discussed a talent meeting that reportedly occurred at NXT this week about the show moving to Tuesday nights. Long-rumoured, WWE admitted defeat in the Wednesday night Ratings Wars with AEW Dynamite with an official announcement earlier this week.

The official logo for WWE NXT.
The official logo for WWE NXT.

"There was actually a team meeting before the show," said Meltzer. "And let me get my team meeting notes. Hold on. OK, so the team meeting before the show tonight about the move to Tuesday, so they started out talking about how, six years ago at Wrestle Mania 31. Is that San Jose? How the little NXT promotion sold out a show, and look how far we've come. And they've always been on Wednesday nights. And then the competition came to their night and tried to bully them, which is, by the way, the opposite of what they told the talent 18 months ago. But now, now they have Raw as the lead in, I mean, it used to be in television, the lead in is like, you follow the show, not the next day, but now that they gave Raw as the lead in and they have the night to themselves, everything is going to change.

"Everything's going to change?" said Alvarez, the Robin Quivers to Meltzer's Howard Stern.

"Well, it is," insisted Meltzer. "They're going to be going up in ratings, probably, you know, a solid percentage."

"Well, sure," said Alvarez, hitting NXT right where it hurts. "But my main concern is, are we going to go back to booking how they did before there was a Wednesday night war? Are we going to the same shitty booking that we've seen for the last year and a half now?"

"Actually, you know, what's so funny about that is that it's not the shitty booking," said Meltzer. "It's the difference between doing to our show and a one hour show. A one hour show, a one hour show, you know, you don't, you know, it's just, it's just a completely different dynamic. It's very easy to do. Like, if you took Raw, and you, in fact, because people do this, in fact in foreign countries with everyone oh, Raw, and people say, what's the problem with raw? It's like because it's too long."

And that, comrades, would be a juicy enough story as it is… but then, as Metlzer's comments made the rounds in the wrestling media,  Fightful Select challenged Meltzer's reporting, saying that their sources "vehemently denied" Triple H saying anything like the "bullied" line. Meltlzer also wrote on Twitter, "In last night's description of the meeting Paul Levesque had with talent, while the description was largely what was said, two people have said the 'bully' line was never said." However, he later still said, "The meeting itself took place and went pretty as described."

It sounds like Triple H may have to pay Meltzer a visit and set the record straight personally, comrades. Haw haw haw haw! Until next time: socialism or death.

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