Disney+ Feeds Disney Parks Needs: "Holiday Magic", "Weddings" & More

By now you all know how I feel about the Disney Parks. I love them. Granted it's been over a year since I've been, but I still love them. While we're all (hopefully) practicing social distancing and staying at home, here are some shows on Disney+ that have helped me get my Disney Parks "fix": from Disneyland Around the Seasons (Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color) and The Imagineering Story, to Decorating Disney Holiday Magic, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and… yes… The Mickey Mouse Club.

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So what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

"Disneyland Around the Seasons" ("Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color")

This 50 minute blast to the past is an absolutely delight. Hosted by "Uncle Walt" himself, he takes viewers on a unique and interesting look at the early years of Disneyland. The idea is to show the park through the seasons, and while you do indeed get that, you also get some gracious shots of what Disneyland looked like when Walt was there.

"The Imagineering Story"

This series takes you behind the magic with Disney's own Imagineers. In these six episodes viewers will get to see how their favorite ride and attractions were made, while learning a little bit about what Disney magic really is. This is a very bingeable series too.

"Decorating Disney Holiday Magic"

The holidays are exceptional magical at the Disney Parks! This easy to watch show is a great way to spend an afternoon, dreaming of happier times. If you've never experienced a Disney Park during the most wonderful time of the year, this a great way to experience it from the comfort of your home!

"Disney Fairy Tale Weddings"

Dreaming about having a wedding at one of the parks? Want to indulge your eyes in a visual feast of expensive, over the top weddings? This program is for you. There's also a holiday wedding program, and a destinations one as well. Spend the afternoon curled up, having the power of love restore your faith in humanity.

"The Mickey Mouse Club"


Ok, ok. This one doesn't take place in a park. But this is still fun for the whole family, or those of you who might need a little wholesome nostalgia. The Mousketeers did have an impact on the parks in their own way, and they did occasionally put on performances in Disneyland.

Disney+ Feeds Disney Parks Needs: "Holiday Magic", "Weddings" & More

There's a ton of great things to watch, so don't just limit yourself to this list! Let us know what you've been enjoying in the comments below.

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