"Doctor Who": Big Finish Goes Digital-First, Disc Releases Delayed

Big Finish Productions, the premiere producers of Doctor Who audio dramas and other series, are reportedly moving to releasing content on digital first. Physical releases (ex: CD boxsets) will be released at a later date due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Big Finish normally releases their productions as digital downloads and CDs. The digital versions are available immediately and physical versions ship shortly after. The company instructed their warehouse staff to stay home to avoid potential infection from COVID-19. This means that physical releases of the audio dramas will be delayed.

"Doctor Who": Big Finish Goes Digital-First, Disc Releases Delayed
Big Finish


"As previously reported, we took the precaution of pausing in-studio recordings last week, and are now working with our producers, directors and actors to record future releases remotely in home studios. Some of these sessions are already in progress.

The majority of Big Finish staff are freelance and are fully capable of working from home. You may have also seen a number of regular Big Finish actors posting images of their home studios on social media.

However, in order to protect the health of our warehouse staff, we have now asked them to stay at home for as long as the coronavirus situation continues. All our staff will be paid during this period."

– Jason Haigh-Ellery, Chairman, Big Finish Productions

Big Finish: The Go-To for "Doctor Who" Audio

We're big fans of them around here. Where else are you going to find Tom Baker playing the 4th Doctor again in new stories with surviving cast members like Louise Jameson as Leela? Nostalgic for Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as the 7th Doctor and Ace? Big Finish has you cover! Or new Torchwood stories that had the creative approval and input of creator Russell T. Davies?

If you want to support Big Finish and have your Doctor Who and Torchwood fix during self-isolation, you can order the audio dramas from the Big Finish website. They have literally hundreds of stories – new stories, spinoffs, side stories, adaptations of lost episodes. There's sure to be something that catches your fancy.

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