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Elmo's Red Felt Chaos Needs The Rock to Know His Role & Shut His Tweet

An oatmeal container, a wooden bowl, a plastic water bottle, and a paper towel roll…the phrase that started a TikTok rabbit hole of Elmo-related sounds & content. If there's any energy I wish to bring into a new year, it's the chaotic and blunt essence of that sassy red felt puppet from Sesame Street. Elmo's not afraid of confrontation, the dude has beef with Zoe's pet rock, Rocco to be exact, even though he doesn't wish to discuss it on Twitter apparently. If there ever was a tweet that felt like a weapon was aimed at a puppet while it drafted up a statement, it would be Elmo reiterating that everything is ok with Zoe from Sesame Street. There are plenty of moments, from both Twitter and TikTok, that bring the highest energy to the moment and it's all thanks to Elmo.

Elmo Chaotic Energy, But Not The Rock's Cringey Tweets
Sources: (left) KnowYourMemes & (right) Instagram

First, let's talk about those sound-bites from Sesame Street and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that made their rounds first on TikTok. If you're asking why you didn't see them on TikTok first, congrats you're on the thirst-trap, half-assed dancing, "what even are straight people?" side of TikTok. I, on the other hand, have gone on more of an intense queer, mentally ill & dark-humored journey only found in that very haunting scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The "For You" page really is out here diagnosing me before my therapist can.


Reply to @xfeathersartx gives a whole new meaning to Rocko's Modern Life 🪨

♬ original sound – Liv Pearsall

Elmo is a ball of chaotic energy that doesn't have time for misunderstandings or oblivious tweets from celebrities. When I was shown a quote tweet by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson replying to Elmo's viral tweet about rocks and cookies I went through multiple modes of confusion. If anyone is Gretchen from Mean Girls, it's The Rock, trying to make his own hashtag a success like it's his own original concept. Also, the man just threatened puppets with the tone and manner of a mafia boss subtly telling one of his men they're next unless they get their act together. The tweet somehow goes from friendly to threatening, to sexual, multi-level marketing girl boss, jealous, and back to threatening. Imagine "the point" of the viral meme was a soccer goal and The Rock was attempting to score but instead kicked the ball (his tweet) straight into the audience and knocked a person in the head unconscious. That's the main way I can explain the level of celebrity Twitter cringe that The Rock has displayed. The man is just becoming a cringe meme heading dangerously close to "Dad joke d-bag-ville" at this point.


Somebody had to put Abby in her place…

♬ elmo chugs along like a train – martha

The depths of gay/alternative TikTok brought forth a piece of gold and an icon for 2022 in Elmo. That red puppet is all of us, including the confusion we experience witnessing the dumbass nature of civilization we can find around us during this pandemic. My neurodivergent ass keeps attaching itself to the comfort of repeating those Elmo TikTok sounds like they were the only crumbs of dopamine ever to exist. 2021 was a rough year, besides the last couple generally being difficult, but seeing Elmo's chaotic sass go viral online has been a true highlight and a perfect start to 2022. For now, I need Elmo to keep doing their thing and for The Rock to stay off of social media for a little bit before his inevitable next action film or series.


Reply to @itsmemelordtwitch Elmo on Late Night was sumn i never knew i needed 🌃

♬ original sound – Liv Pearsall

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