Super7 Masters of the Universe Laughing Prince Adam 8

Super7's Laughing Prince Adam Figure is Incredible, MOTU Fans

Super7 went and made one of the best action figures of the year. Boy, I sure hope you ordered one while you can. Especially Masters of the Universe collectors. You may have laughed or scoffed at this figure, but you will regret not having it on your shelf. Let's take a look at the Laughing […]

Swipe File: Strutting Rorschach

On the left is the new Rorscach statue from DC Comics as part of their Before Watchmen line. And on the right is Leonardo Di Caprio, taken during the making of the movie Inception. And named "Strutting Leo". The pose that has repurposed and reused for comic effect repeatedly, thus;   Could Strutting Rorschach be […]

Sh*t Daleks Say

See the popular meme get Exterminated by everybody's favourite pepperpot plungerheads.

The DC Hipster Relaunch

I don't care if the hipster meme is worn out, I love what CallMePo has done with it, and his version of the DC Universe. And if you want to make that Bat Hat, CallMePo has some advice about that as well.