Evil Season Two Preview: Demon George Wants to Tell You A Story

George (Marti Matulis) is probably one of the most articulate demons on television. While not haunting the dreams of Kristen (Katja Herbers), he has a story he wants to tell in the latest preview of Evil in its second season on its new home of Paramount+. "Hi there," he starts. "My name is George. Remember me?" The first shot after the title card is a point-of-view shot in a barely lit bedroom. At the foot of the bed, George's head emerges. The next shot shows his chest, torso, and menacing face. "I was once the demon of Kristen's dreams," he continues. "Now how about if I'm yours?" We see his index finger runs across the bed showing another shot of him from under the sheets.

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"There's a saying that 'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing'" as we see "The Book of Evil" fall against wood flooring. "Do you want to know what's coming this season on Evil?" as his hands open the book. "Are you absolutely sure?" unveiling the first page of Kristen with her eyes closed in a black-and-white page before the color starts to fill the page. It then shows her awake the clip shifts to the foot of the bed of her waking up from her nightmare starling her husband Andy (Patrick Brammall) beside her.
"Here's Kristen always trying to be such a good mother," George says with disdain as the series shows her hugging her children. "But she doesn't seem to be herself anymore." We see a series of cuts where she convulses, puts on a tiger mask in another, then presumably having sex with a masked man. Another shot has Andy crawling away in terror with Kristen nearby then striking her target off-screen. The preview shifts to a scene with her psychiatrist Dr. Kurt Boggs (Kurt Fuller) asking her if she is alright before her vocal affirming response with a subtle blink.

George then shifts his attention to Kristen's boss David (Mike Colter) saying "He's so close to being a priest" before revealing that he's facing so many personal demons. He also namedrops her mother Cheryl (Christine Lahti) admitting she kind of scares him as we see an intimidating shot of her and a power drill with presumable blood at the end. The next character introduction is Leland (Michael Emerson), who he calls his "friend" revealing that he'll allow himself to be exorcised. The last character introduced is Ben (Aasif Mandvi) complimenting on his skepticism strength as we see a shot of George crawling on Ben's bed, putting his hand on Ben's chest and him responding with a terrified look before bellowing a scream. The clip closes out more quick cuts of the macabre showing how darker the show gets. The second season of Evil is streaming on Paramount+.

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