Evil Season Two Teaser Reveals More Supernatural Threats & Surprises

The supernatural thriller Evil unpacked a ton in the case of if you blink, you might miss half of it. To the credit of Paramount+, at least they didn't reveal half the plot as too many film trailers do. Fans should be pleased they will be getting more of the same in the new season. The clip begins with quick isolated shots of Kristen (Katja Herbers) standing, David (Mike Colter)sitting, followed by a man appearing to excruciating pain with a brain-stimulating device with goggles. After the "Paramount+ Original" title card, it goes to a scene with Kristen politely telling Lila (Skylar Gray) "You have the most beautiful smile" before she corrects her saying "a vampire smile" as it quickly cuts to Kristen inspecting her daughter's partially-exposed fangs in on her gum line before writhing in pain from poking at them.

Evil Season Two Promo Reveals Date and More Supernatural Shenanigans
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What's to Come in Evil for Season 2

The promo cuts to the announcement of the season two premiere date as June 20. The next scene shows David and Kristen exploring a room with his voiceover taking over saying, "The world is weird" with the next shot of an artist painting on the ceiling of a skeleton with wings blowing on a horn. The following scene shows Ben (Aasif Mandvi) with both a lantern and the camera flash from his smartphone navigating a dark area as David continues, "We investigate unexplained phenomenon" as it cuts away to quick shots of Kristen and then David in a priest uniform. The next shot shows a girl from the second floor at night staring back with curtains and blinds closed. Kristen takes over the voiceover reaffirming her beliefs saying, "I don't believe in possession." We see a younger possessed body grinding its teeth. There's another scene of what looks like an exorcism led by David. Leaning over the possessed, he leans over and says "Behold, the cross of the Lord" bearing a crucifix.

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The promo then cuts to an unveiling of a pentagram in front of Ben and Kristen on the floor from a long-haired person. It shifts to a shot of a belly with a person holding a crucifix and near the belly button are crucifix-shaped burn marks with Kristen saying, "I believe in the truth" showing her in a bathtub. This is followed by a split-second glimpse of a CG demon followed by David screaming, a demon blowing fire on unsuspecting women, and Ben struggling to get into wood planks on a wall before we start seeing pull quotes. We finally see Leland (Michael Emerson) saying, "You are adorable" admiring the work of whoever wrote a message in blood before the title card and premiere date. Evil season two premieres on June 20 on Paramount+.

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