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Evil Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Lots of Stock in Penultimate Episode
Without giving anything else major away, the shocking conclusion was likely telegraphed given the depths we see Leland (Michael Emerson) and Sheryl (Christine Lahti) are willing to go to carry their plans. Evil episode 9, season 3 streaming on Paramount+, 2022 Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ While I feel we barely scratched the surface of Leland and Sheryl's[...]
Evil Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Sister Andrea's Not-So-Beautiful Mind
We see Katja Herbers' Kristen and Colter's David act as "straight men" to the couple's problem while they remain oblivious to the demon's antics. Photo credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ Evil Attempts to Remain Topical with Cryptocurrency The second arc concerns Sheryl (Christine Lahti), who's tasked by Leland (Michael Emerson) to make the fictional cryptocurrency Makob (pronounced "macabre"…get it?) a[...]
CBS Releases Evil Season 2 Deleted Scenes for Home Release [Exclusive]
A knocking at the door reveals her mother, Sheryl (Christine Lahti) as Kristen thanks her for looking after her kids before being introduced to David and Ben Sheryl jokingly calls them "Ghostbusters" with Ben calling himself, "Bill Murray" and David, "Ernie Hudson". Mike Colter, Katja Herbers, and Aasif Mandvi in Evil Image courtesy of Paramount+ Evil: An[...]
We see more quick shots of Kristen, David, Ben, Leland (Michael Emerson), Sheryl (Christine Lahti) as the series title is spelled out between cuts The coup de gras is a shot of Kristen with a forked tongue licking David's ear Earlier, the series posted a cryptic tweet with a puzzle alluding to the upcoming season. Evil[...]
I'm also intrigued about what will happen in the long game for Christine Lahti's Sheryl and her involvement in his group Season one nicely established the characters but aside from a couple of plot points, you miss very little if you start off with the second season instead It's definitely an improvement and I look[...]
Evil Star Christine Lahti on Mother-Daughter Relationship & More
Christine Lahti, who plays Sheryl Luria, might initially appear to have taken a back seat in the second season but came back in a huge way given the latest arc that sees her involved again with her former lover Leland Townsend (Michael Emerson) I spoke to the actress about her involvement with the supernatural series,[...]
Evil Season Two Promo Reveals Date and More Supernatural Shenanigans
He also namedrops her mother Cheryl (Christine Lahti) admitting she kind of scares him as we see an intimidating shot of her and a power drill with presumable blood at the end The next character introduction is Leland (Michael Emerson), who he calls his "friend" revealing that he'll allow himself to be exorcised The last[...]
Created by Robert and Michelle King, the series also stars Christine Lahti, Kurt Fuller, Brooklyn Shuck, Skylar Gray, Maddy Crocco, and Dayla Knapp Liz Glotzer and Rockne S O'Bannon serve as co-executive producers with the Kings Do you have any predictions as to what happens this second season? Will Kristen, David, and Ben finally decide[...]
He just shows his ability to manipulate the legal system he works in and maintains a psychological hold on Kristen's mother Sheryl (Christine Lahti) as they continue to see each other much to the forensic psychologist's chagrin "Hopefully, [CBS] will be announcing [season premiere] soon-ish," Michelle King added "I can tell you that we are[...]