Fanboy Wrampage: Dave Meltzer and Bruce Mitchell Tag-Team Vince Russo

Two of pro wrestlings biggest dirt sheet moguls formed an alliance of epic proportions Sunday, and they used their combined power to attack disgraced wrestling booker Vince Russo. Big Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Bruce Mitchell of Pro Wrestling Torch tag-teamed Russo in a series of tweets blasting Russo's opinions and calling out his record in the business.

"There's this idea that Vince Russo popularized IN the wrestling business that wrestling is stupid, particularly after you find out it's fake and so you have to fool people with constant tricks to get them to watch," Mitchell tweeted. "That's only true for the people who never watch, to begin with." With Russo on the ropes thanks to Mitchell's blistering promo, the wrestling journalist moved in for the kill. "He was a major factor in not one, but two major wrestling companies losing enormous amounts of money and going out of business," Mitchell continued in another tweet. "That's a major reason, but hardly the only one, for why he's unemployable."

Meltzer then chimed in, tweeting, "Is wrestling the only business where a coach with constant 2-14 seasons for a decade after being offensive coordinator on a Super Bowl team filled with Hall of Famers still has people thinking he knows sh**?" Big Dave continued to run down Russo, who was WWE booker during the early part of the Attitude Era but who also presided over WCW and TNA during some of their worst eras. "WCW was a 1-15 team," Meltzer continued, adding, "With Rock & Austin on top, and a supporting cast of Foley, HHH, etc? Please. They had their best money years after Russo left."


The official logo of the WWE.
The official logo of the WWE.

Russo, for his part, had the following to say about Dave Meltzer. "This Tool is STILL talking S*** about me after totally ignoring my e-mails about coming on his show."

Is this feud building up to a blow-off match? Will Mitchell turn on Dave at an opportune moment? Will Jim Cornette be suspended from a pole? We'll keep a close eye on the situation and keep you updated.


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