Flash Season 4: Don't Forget The Symbols Barry Allen Was Writing In Episode 1

When The Flash season four kicked off, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) had to be rescued from the Speed Force by Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and the rest of the team. But when he returned, his brain was a bit scrambled and he was writing a bunch of symbols on the walls and saying lines from the past and the future. Attempts to understand the symbols ended up with Cisco translating one of the lines as, "This house is bitchin'." But was the just nonsense or should fans have paid close attention to the things said?


Gustin told TVline that Barry was "talking all over the place and elements of that will show up throughout the season — and may already have. We'll circle back, I would imagine, at some point this season and connect all of them for you. But yeah, that was all very important, everything he said at the beginning of the year."

They did already touch on the, "This house is bitchin'," line  when Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) says it to a contractor in the Luck Be A Lady episode.

This season feels different than the previous three. There was a looseness to the other that it seemed like maybe the writers were making it up as they went. But this season, with the Thinker as the villain, it feels like everything has been plotted out in great detail. The fact he caused the Dark Matter event by giving Team Flash a reason to bring Barry back and manipulated events to put those twelve people on the bus at that time… maybe even manipulating what powers they would get. I get the feeling that everything in this particular season is going to matter.


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