G4 Relaunch Series B4G4 Officially Premieres The ___ Esports Show

We're assuming most of you reading this realize by now that it's Friday, so you know what that means… right? It's time to check in with the G4 relaunch to see how things are going with B4G4 (more on that below). Now, as big of fans as we are of X-Play and Attack of the Show!, we understand that's not nearly enough to fill a programming day, week, or month (not without more COPS and Cheaters marathons and we're never going back to that again… do you hear me! We're never going back! Never!). So today on the G4TVesports YouTube channel, the very first edition of The ___ Esports Show premiered- hosted by Ovilee May and Froskurinn, focusing on news and opinion from in and around the world of esports (this week, with special guest CaptainFlowers) and fitting with the relaunch's commitment to esports coverage.

The ___ Esports Show w_ Froskurinn, Ovilee May & CaptainFlowers 0-58 screenshot

Now here's your look at the first edition of The ___ Esports Show, which allows you- the viewer- to add in whichever adjective makes your socks roll up and down (or sideways, we don't judge here). and just in case you think this is going to be like something you've seen before? Trust us, it hooks you in within minutes- whether you're into esports or just some funny, random stuff:

As we mentioned earlier, Summer 2021 is going to be a big one for G4… but it's a long road between now and then so what are viewers supposed to do? How about helping them with the relaunch? And that's where new interim G4 CEO Jerry_XL comes in because before G4 becomes G4, viewers can be a part of B4G4. In fact, just by reading this and watching the video above? You'll be in B4G4 before you know about B4G4. Here, watch this while we stop our eyes from bleeding:

Yup, you read that right. B4G4 is a weekly content series that will air on G4's YouTube and Twitch channels leading up to the official launch date. Fans can offer their thoughts on the content via G4's Reddit community, allowing them to have a direct say in the formation of the new network. Viewers can expect a wide variety of content, including original sketch comedy, game reviews, talent collaborations, music parodies, a G4 take on esports, and more. But wait! There's more! G4's #G4NeedsTalent campaign will continue scouting out new talent for the relaunch, giving those in consideration opportunities to both host on-air as well produce off-air and be a part of a writing team.

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