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"Over the past several months, we worked hard to generate that interest in G4, but viewership is low, and the network has not achieved sustainable financial results," Scott wrote "This is certainly not what we hoped for, and, as a result, we have made the very difficult decision to discontinue G4's operations, effective immediately" (full[...]
A little more than two years after Comcast Spectacor announced during the virtual San Diego Comic-Con 2020 that the video game & geek content network G4 TV would be returning and a year after its launch, Deadline Hollywood is reporting exclusively that Spectacor CEO Dave Scott has officially notified all employees that the company will[...]
Interview: WWE's Xavier Woods Talks G4's Arena & More
Last week, G4 dropped the news of a show making a comeback in a new way as Arena returns with Gina Darling and Xavier Woods (AKA: Austin Creed) hosting The monthly show will put two gaming celebrities at odds with each other to settle a score as they are cornered by two WWE superstars as[...]
G4 Is Officially Bringing Back Arena To The Channel
G4 is bringing back another legacy show from their catalog as the gaming network will relaunch Arena next week For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the previous show, the original version was hosted by people like Wil Wheaton, Kevin Pereira, and the late Lee Reherman back in the day The show used[...]
G4 & LCS To Launch Weekly Esports Series Called G4 Gameday LCS
G4 has partnered up with the League of Legends Championship Series to launch a new weekly esports show called G4 GameDay LCS In what feels like a great first step toward having more original programming throughout the week, the show is being set up to be a weekly hour-long SportsCenter-like program, in which the team[...]
G4 & YouTube Comedy Brand Smosh Announce Commercial Partnership
G4 announced an industry-leading commercial partnership with Smosh, one of the most storied and popular comedy brands on the internet, best known for its hilarious sketch and unscripted videos across multiple digital platforms The deal unites the content and fandoms of two preeminent Millennial and Gen-Z focused entertainment brands, pairing G4's enormous reach and brand[...]
G4 Officially Launches Its Own Channel On YouTube TV
G4 officially launched a brand new channel of sorts today as they have taken their content over to YouTube TV for its own channel While the company didn't release a ton of details when it came to the launch of the channel, the did reveal that subscribers will be able to enjoy all of the[...]
Hyper Light Drifter To Hold Special Worldwide Announcement On G4
An interesting announcement is coming next week as Heart Machine, the company behind Hyper Light Drifter, has a reveal for G4 You can read the short media alert below, but the shorthand is that next Thursday, March 31st, G4 will be airing a special episode Xplay that will be entirely dedicated to the RPG franchise[...]
G4 Will Hold A Special WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal Show
G4 will be holding a special event on Tuesday as they will be going over the WWE 2K22 characters ratings with a 90-minute broadcast The show will basically do as most sports-related titles do, and that's rank every single wrestler in the game with a player rating so you know where they stand in the[...]
Interview: Chatting With Members Of G4's Invitation To Party
One of the biggest additions to the relaunch of G4 last year was their own live Dungeons & Dragons show called Invitation To Party Since it started last Fall, the show has had its fair share of intensity and hilarity as it shows what D&D can be without taking itself too seriously The show is[...]
Xavier Woods Suffers Leg Injury And Will Miss The Royal Rumble
 "King" Xavier Woods revealed last night that he suffered a leg injury during last week's SmackDown main event, a Street Fight Tag Team Match with Woods and his longtime teammate in The New Day, Kofi Kingston, taking on The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team titles. Xavier Woods, seen here with Kofi Kingston, has suffered a leg injury that will keep him[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Is Launching Its First TV Show On G4
Wizards Of The Coast has revealed today that they will be launching their first-ever Dungeons & Dragons television show to air on G4 The show comes off the successful partnership between the two companies during D&D Live this year, in which they broadcast several shows featuring celebrity guests playing D&D The show will be called Dungeons[...]
Did you really think they weren't going to keep their promise? Because that's exactly what the folks at G4 did on Tuesday when they announced that the network will officially return on November 16, 2021, on linear television and through streaming services G4 will debut linearly on the channel lineups of Verizon Fios, Cox, and[...]
G4 Announces New Broadcasting Partnership With ESL
G4 made an interesting announcement this morning as they have partnered up with the ESL for a new broadcasting partnership While the ESL covered a number of games, they are primarily known for being the home to much of the CS:GO esports scene Today the two announced a new media rights deal that will for[...]
G4 Announce They Will Host D&D Live 2021 In New WotC Partnership
G4 dropped a bit of a bombshell on everyone today as they revealed they will be hosting D&D Live 2021 on their network In what is part of a brand new partnership between Wizards of the Coast and the returning gaming network, the event will run on their network this summer when it takes place[...]
Krafton Reveals Details For PUBG Continental Series 4
One of the major esports names to join up with the relaunched G4 network recently was Alex Mendez, better known to viewers as Goldenboy The always ecstatic caster has become a picture over the past few weeks, bringing his knowledge and personality to The BLEEP Esports Show, as well as other programs on the network's[...]
Image: G4
With the network set to return this summer, G4's Epic April celebration rolled on with news that a very familiar face (or should we say, mountain) would be returning with it On Wednesday, G4 announced that it would be the exclusive home to all 167 episodes of the international sensation SASUKE as well as three[...]
With G4 about to pull off its own resurrection starting this summer, viewers are learning more about the role WWE Superstar Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed will play with news that the next-generation network the professional wrestling and entertainment company are partnering for a video game competition series premiering this fall Hosted by Woods, the[...]
With another work week about to kick off tomorrow, we thought Sunday would be the perfect time to visit last week in the world of the G4 relaunch series B4G4 Up ahead, we have G4 interim CEO Jerry_XL with a new reveal, and Ovilee and Frosk doing double-duty with another B4G4 watch party and another[...]
Another week brings another round of fine, quality G4 relaunch series B4G4 programming, with new content for your eyeballs and earholes to enjoy as the calendar inches closer to G4's Summer 2021 return Kicking things off, we have the interim "big cheese" offering his wish list of things he would do if he was the[...]
After a week that saw it turning over its programming block to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world-consuming Pokemon franchise, G4 relaunch series B4G4 is back to its programming ways with The BLEEP Esports Show, Attack of the Show!, and X-Play- but that's not all The interim "big cheese" is checking in to let[...]
Second, just like they promised? G4's relaunch series B4G4 celebrated the 25th anniversary of the world-consuming Pokemon franchise by turning over its Friday, February 26, programming line-up in honor of the occasion Kicking off with the unveiling of G4's "official" Pokemon, here's a look at how The BLEEP Esports Show, Attack of the Show!, and X-Play[...]
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world-consuming Pokemon franchise, G4's relaunch series B4G4 is turning over its Friday, February 26, programming line-up o mark the occasion From Interim G4 CEO Jerry_XL unveiling G4's "official" Pokemon to whether or not Pokemon is the greatest esport of all time, here's a look at what's on tap[...]
Another Friday has come and gone, which means i's time for us to check in with what's going on with B4G4, as the G4 relaunch series marches towards its Summer 2021 launch Once again, we have offerings on their respective YouTube channels for The BLEEP Esports Show, Attack of the Show!, and X-Play– and to[...]
This was a pretty big week on the B4G4 front, as the G4 relaunch series kept its eye on the prize- and that prize is a Summer 2021 relaunch To help make that happen, interim G4 CEO Jerry_XL and Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods announced that Adam Sessler (X-Play), Kevin Pereira (Attack of the Show!),[...]
Interim G4 CEO Jerry_XL promised G4 fans that he and Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods would have some major news to announce on Friday on who would be joining Woods when the relaunch launches this Summer And while the names and faces are ones that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise if you've[...]
Two weeks into G4 relaunch series B4G4 (more on that in a minute) and things are looking good So far, viewers have been introduced to the G4TVesports YouTube channel's The ___ Esports Show, saw the X-Play and Attack of the Show! YouTube channels activated (with some cool content like Kevin Pereira engaging in some seriously disturbing deepfakes), and[...]
See? This is what happens when we aren't paying attention and under-estimate the goodies that the G4 relaunch had in store for us as part of Friday's B4G4 offerings (more on that below) Not that the debut of Ovilee May and Froskurinn (with special guest CaptainFlowers) on the G4TVesports YouTube channel's The ___ Esports Show[...]
We're assuming most of you reading this realize by now that it's Friday, so you know what that means… right? It's time to check in with the G4 relaunch to see how things are going with B4G4 (more on that below) Now, as big of fans as we are of X-Play and Attack of the[...]