Hanna Season 2 Trailer: Sometimes to Get Out, You Have to Go Back In

For Esmé Creed-Miles' title character, the return of Amazon Prime's Hanna means having to return to the past to secure her own future. With the eight-episode second season set to premiere on July 3, the streaming service has released an official trailer for the action-thriller. Having had her father taken from her and a life denied to her, Hanna is diving back into The Meadows to burn the Utrax program to the ground. But even with an unexpected ally by her side, is Hanna ready to head back into her heart of darkness. After meeting others being trained to be just like her, will her role (and responsibilities) change? Here's a look at what viewers can expect, followed by an overview of the second season:

A scene from the second season of Hanna (Image: Amazon Prime)

Following her discovery at the end of Season One, Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles) now knows she is not the only young woman with unparalleled skill and elite training. The Utrax program has produced a whole contingent of highly trained teenagers, whose development is about to reach the lethal "second phase." After their relocation to The Meadows facility, these trainees find their restrictions lifted and glimpse the possibility of a new identity in the outside world. But this apparent freedom will come at a heavy price.

In Season Two, Hanna risks her freedom to rescue her friend Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince) from the clutches of the Utrax program, now run by John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney) and his second in command, Leo Garner (Anthony Welsh). Hanna finds help in the unlikely form of her previous nemesis, CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos), who must protect both herself and Hanna from the ruthless organization she once trusted. Yet as Hanna delves deeper into the elusive world of The Meadows and meets others like herself, including Sandy (Áine Rose Daly) and Jules (Gianna Kiehl), she begins to question her role in the larger context of Utrax's assassin program and ultimately, where she truly belongs.

A scene from the second season of Hanna (Image: Amazon Prime)

In a 2019 interview with Vulture, Creed-Miles explained why it was so important for her to be actively involved in the stunt work and fight scenes: "A lot of the time, people just end up relying on their stunt doubles to do this. But for me and especially Sarah Adina Smith, the director, we just didn't want that to happen. The physical aspects of the show are so inherent in who she is as a character, so if you're not bringing that level of expertise in, it doesn't work. The physical stuff and character stuff are holistically connected. So maybe I'm not nailing this martial arts move precisely, but I'm going to deliver it with as much enthusiasm and aggression as possible to sell it. I did end up getting better and better as we went on, and I think you can see that."

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