Here's How Much Money WWE Is Paying Its New President

In a recent financial filing, WWE revealed the compensation for new WWE President Nick Khan. Khan's hiring was announced earlier this week after Vince McMahon realized the presence of multiple Khans in the management structure of rival pro wrestling organization AEW might give the competition an advantage. "They think they're the only ones who can have a Khan, goddammit," McMahon said in the press release, or at least that's how we remember it. It's possible it was worded more formally. "I'll show you a Khan, pal."

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.

And it looks like McMahon is willing to shell out whatever it takes to get a Khan on his side. According to the financial filing, Khan will receive an annual salary of $1.2 million, but that's not all. He also gets a signing bonus of $5 million, and a sign-on stock bonus worth an additional $15 million. On top of all that, Khan is able to participate in the standard company management stock plan, which pro-rated for the remained of 2020, will net him another $1.9 million in stock.

Of course, this isn't just a case of WWE paying a premium for a trusted brand name. While the Khan name has become synonymous with excellent wrestling since the formation of AEW, Nick Khan actually has a wealth of experience that can help him succeed in his new role as WWE President. As the press release notes:

Khan, a former practicing attorney, transitioned to International Creative Management (ICM) in 2006 where he launched their Sports Media department and represented the biggest names in sports broadcasting. Since 2012, Khan has served as the Co-Head of the Television Department for Creative Artists Agency LLC (CAA). During his tenure there, Khan continued to represent the top broadcasters while also representing WWE, the Southeastern Conference (SEC), Top Rank Boxing, and others helping to negotiate billions of dollars in media deals on their behalf. Khan will need to meet certain performance targets to get his full stock bonus, so it will be in his best interest to deliver.

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