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Tony Khan Reveals Plans for AEW To Invade Canada
But one question that can be answered is who will take over in Stephanie McMahon's absence, and the answer, according to WrestleNomics' Brandon Thurston, is WWE President Nick Khan Khan has become something of a villain to wrestling fans since coming to power in WWE, with fans placing most of the blame for WWE's efforts[...]
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.
WWE President Nick Khan, who took over the leadership of WWE shortly before the company began confiscating the Twitch, Cameo, and other third-party deals of its talent and has also overseen an era of cost-cutting layoffs and talent releases, reportedly held a meeting with talent ahead of WrestleMania where the new cut of profits was[...]
The Rock Says He And WWE President Nick Khan Are Lifelong Friends
One WWE personality fans don't know a lot about is WWE President Nick Khan, who has become a more prominent and highly important part of the company in the past couple of years as it appears he is the one who is shaping everything going forward  A WWE personality fans do know a lot about is[...]
Would Triple H Ever Leave WWE To Start His Own Wrestling Company?
 With the rise of WWE President Nick Khan and the not-so-silent whispers that WWE might be open to a sale, it looks as if Triple H will not be in control of the WWE one day. So I guess we're left to wait and wonder whether Triple H and his wife will ride off into the sunset along[...]
WWE Gets Even More Cheap As They've Now Cut Backstage Catering
 WWE President Nick Khan is slashing the budget across the board, which has led to the layoffs of numerous corporate employees and in the post-production departments, the continuing releases of wrestlers from both the main roster and NXT, and this week consolidating the backstage camera crews down to one single camera for backstage promos and video[...]
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.
 Rumors have been running wild for months now that the company is entertaining the idea of being for sale and after a podcast appearance today, those rumors will be set into overdrive. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money. WWE President Nick Khan appeared on a new episode of the podcast Recode Media with Peter Kafka today and while the majority[...]
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.
In a recent financial filing, WWE revealed the compensation for new WWE President Nick Khan Khan's hiring was announced earlier this week after Vince McMahon realized the presence of multiple Khans in the management structure of rival pro wrestling organization AEW might give the competition an advantage "They think they're the only ones who can[...]
The official logo of the WWE.
It's Nick Khan, former C-Head of Television at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), who previously represented WWE at the agency, that will be the new President of WWE. The official logo of the WWE. "Nick is a seasoned media executive with a deep understanding of our business and a proven track record of generating significant value for sports[...]