HouseBroken Review: Secret Life Of Pets-Wannabe Needs Improvement

The premiere of FOX's new adult animated series, HouseBroken, gave audiences a glimpse at the lineup for summer now that some shows, such as The Great North and Bob's Burgers, have ended their current seasons. The story of a misfit group of pets attempting therapy sessions has come to the small screen and it has a lot of potential, especially with the quality of jokes. The lead character of HouseBroken, Honey, voiced by Lisa Kudrow, was a great personality to guide viewers through the introductions and through an overarching point of view that could be understood. In all honesty, some characters proved to be more annoying than comedically pleasing, such as the pig, Max, and the boring dialogue given to him. Some characters did shine in the premiere and were given way better lines than others, such as Shell and Nibbles.

Housebroken: If The Secret Life Of Pets Went Rogue & Explicit: Review
The therapy group welcomes a new member, Diablo. Source: FOX

A fantastic choice in HouseBroken's casting comes from adding Forte as the turtle, Shell, I previously mentioned. The turtle falling for a shoe or inanimate objects, in general, was a fantastic and hilarious choice. Being the first episode and all, the series did a generally acceptable job at introducing the basics of environment, story starting point, and characters we can expect from episode to episode. There's a problem I can spot for HouseBroken when it comes to which characters take over a scene compared to others. I find myself only willing to watch if more moments that include the style of humor found in momentary guest characters or those who aren't main ones, such as the random beach seagull towards the end of the episode, are present.


I'm hopeful going forward after this premiere, there's quality in some of the jokes but in the end, it'll take a lot to prove to audience members like me over the course of the summer that HouseBroken is worth the screen time.

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