Impact Bound for Glory Recap – Old Man Shamrock Rides Again

After being inducted into the Impact hall of Fame by The Rock, Ken Shamrock takes on Eddie Edwards at Impact Wrestling's Bound for Glory PPV. Who won? Find out below.

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The Shovel - Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]
The Shovel – Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]
From Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, comes Impact Wrestling's biggest PPV of the year: Bound for Glory. Tonight's card features a Call Your Shot Gauntlet match where the winner earns a title shot at a time and place of their choosing as if the title shot was money, and they were putting it somewhere for safekeeping, like a bank. Plus, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, TJP, Jordynne Grace, Willie Mack, and Rohit Raju will face off in a 6-Way Scramble for the Impact X-Division Championship. Also, The Good Brothers, The North, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton, and The Motor City Machine Guns compete in a 4-Way for the Impact Tag Team Championship. Eddie Edwards takes on Ken Shamrock. Moose faces Ec3 in an undisclosed location (read: another part of Skyway Studios) for the TNA Championship. Kylie Rae challenges Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship. And in the main event, Rich Swann fights Eric Young for the Impact World Championship.

Impact Bound for Glory Recap - Old Man Shamrock Fights Again

Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Recap Part 4

Impact milks the footage from the pre-show of The Rock inducting Ken Shamrock into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. The Rock sent in a video from his backyard, basically, politely giving Shamrock props. Eddie Edwards comes to the ring. Shamrock comes out next with Sami Callahan in his corner.

Eddie Edwards vs. Ken Shamrock

Shamrock dominates the early portion of this match with some MMA moves. He takes down Edwards and then mounts him from behind. If this were a real MMA match, it would be over right now. Cyrus the Virus on commentary claims Ken Shamrock invented submission wrestling. Josh Matthews explains that the difference between pro wrestling and MMA is MMA doesn't have rope breaks. Yeah. That's the main difference, Josh.

Shamrock continues to dominate, now with strikes, as the fight spills outside the ring. Shamrock is just beating the crap out of Edwards. There's no competition here at all. He beats his ass back inside the ring some more too as Sami taunts him from the outside.

Finally, Edwards makes a comeback. He attempts a liver punch (though it would be easier to hit a liver spot punch on Old Man Shamrock). He hits a blue thunder bomb and then goes after Shamrock's right leg, then dropkicks Shamrock out of the ring. He hits a dropkick off the top rope and gets a two-count. Edwards hits another powerbomb, but Shamrock locks in an armbreaker.

They trade blows with each other and Edwards hits a backpack stunner. Shamrock no-sells it and sits up behind Edwards, locking in a choke. Edwards fires back with headbutts. Edwards lines up the Boston Knee Party and then gets a half crab. Sami uses his l33t hacker skills to turn off the lights and when they come back on he's in the ring with a bat. Edwards has a kendo stick and he takes out Callahan, but that lets Shamrock get the ankle lock on for the win.

Winner: Ken Shamrock

I feel kinda bad for Ken Shamrock. Two decades later, he's still in the same spot on the midcard as he was back in Attitude Era WWE. Even Rhino just won a title shot on this show, fer chrissakes. It's impressive that Shamrock, a man in his 70s, can still go like he can, but this match didn't stand out in either story or work rate. And Sami Callahan's hacker gimmick is one of the dumbest things in wrestling, which is saying something.

Bleeding Cool's live (ish) recapping of Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory continues. To catch up on all the results from Bound for Glory tonight, click on the links for each match down below. And if you're feeling FOMO because you didn't get to actually watch these matches, you'll eventually be able to see them on Impact Plus. Bleeding Cool will also be covering tomorrow's WWE Hell in a Cell PPV in similar fashion, so you don't have to waste your time watching that either! Just check back here tomorrow for all the results and our famed insightful commentary.

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