Impact Video Highlights: Fire N' Flava Fest, Trey Miguel, More

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, tasked with bringing you this week's video highlights from Impact Wrestling. "But Your Excellency," you ask, "isn't an El Presidente of your stature too important to perform a menial task like posting mere video highlights?" Comrades, come on. Of course El Presidente is too good for it! I am having my body double write this article for me.

This week's episode of Impact bucked the trend of surprise debuts in company history. Instead of teasing a major debut all night only for it to turn out to be a disappointing WWE midcarder or jobber, they teased a major debut and brought back one of their own stars, Trey Miguel, who left the company just a few months ago! Haw haw haw haw haw!

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Video Highlights – January 26th, 2021

Here's the highlights from this week, comrades, starting with an opening promo from Rich Swann that soon turned into a brawl, as these things tend to do.

Then Matt Cardona made his in-ring debut in a tag team match.

Tonys Khan and Schiavone appeared once again in a "paid advertisement."

Brian Myers pushed Eddie Edwards too far:

Rosemary picked up a win over Tenille Dashwood.

Fire 'N Flava Fest went… well, comrades, about as well as could be expected.

Joe Doering looked strong in a match with Cousin Jake.

And finally, Trey Miguel returned for the main event match.

Comrades, the capitalist pigs that control the means of production at Bleeding Cool have demanded I provide you with this paragraph of SEO keyword-rich text so that they can continue to fill their coffers with the product of the people's labor. One day, El Presidente vows, they will all die like dogs. But until that day comes, my friends, I must play their game for now.

Impact Wrestling, the successor to the great legacy of TNA Wrestling, airs weekly on AXS TV on Tuesdays at 8PM Eastern. Impact also streams live at that same time on Twitch, with commercials replaced by classic TNA moments or chats with Melissa Santos. Impact also offers a monthly subscription service, Impact Plus, that offers access to replays of Impact, monthly Impact Plus exclusive quasi-PPV events, and access to the illustrious TNA tape library. Impact PPV events and Impact Plus can also be purchased and viewed on the Fite TV app.

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