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James Gunn Promises DCU Answers, Avoids Congressional Hearings

In a nice bit of fun, James Gunn responded to DC-Loving Congressman Robert Garcia, promising DCU answers to avoid a "Congressional hearing."

Well, it looks like someone didn't want to be called before Congress. With all of the anticipation over what exactly DC Studios co-heads James Gunn & Peter Safran will be rolling out regarding the future of the DCU, there was actually some time for a little fun. And that came courtesy of DC-Loving Congressman Robert Garcia (D- California), who took to Twitter to "threaten" Gunn with a Congressional hearing if some plans aren't made public by February 1st. "If [James Gunn] doesn't present the new DCU plan by February 1st, I'm calling him in for a congressional hearing where I will ask the tough questions everyone wants to know," Garcia tweeted. And it worked, getting not just an emoji reaction from Gunn but also a reaffirmation that "answers" will be coming.

Image: United States Capitol, meeting place of United States Congress and seat of legislative branch of U.S. federal government, in winter ( Valeriya) / HBO Max Screencap

Here's a look at how their exchange went down, ending with a promise to not just the American people… but to the entire world:

And here's a look at Rep. Garcia's tweet from earlier today, "threatening" Congressional action:

James Gunn, DCU & Our Adventures in Random Speculating

When Gunn posted a look on Instagram Stories at his furry writing partner to let us know that Saturday ("Caturday") was a writing day, how could we not enlarge what he had on his screen to see if there was anything interesting? And if you check out the top of the screencap below, you might notice what we did: "Waller." Well, if we're to assume that means Viola Davis' Amanda Waller, then that's interesting. Unfortunately, it also doesn't offer us much clarity. Assuming that's what Gunn was working on today, then that could be any number of things. Maybe Peacemaker Season 2? Sure! But it could also be the "Superman" film that Gunn's writing, that Amanda Waller spinoff series that was rumored some time back, or something completely different. Or nothing at all. But, hey… it's something to help make the slightly less-than-72-hour wait seem a bit more tolerable.

Image: Instagram Stories Screencap

A few days ago, Gunn took to Twitter to make clear that the decision to end HBO Max's Titans and Doom Patrol was made before they took over DC Studios, writing, "The decision to end the series precedes us. But I certainly wish the best for the talented group of creators, actors, and the rest of the crew that produced both shows." For what it's worth? We had heard a decent amount of off-the-record rumblings about both shows ending well before Gunn & Safran first took on charting the DCU back in November 2022. Here's a look at Gunn's tweet from this evening clarifying that the decision by HBO Max to wrap both series was one that was made before Gunn & Safran began leading DC Studios:

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