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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation S05 Builds to Mike vs Angelina Smackdown

As the roommates left behind the relative peace of a Texas vacation on MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina has had just about enough of "Old Sitch" and is ready to fight back! Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, here to tell you all about Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 Episode 18 "Messy Mike."

Like a wrestling feud leading to the PPV, this season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation continues to build toward the blowoff match between Angelina and Mike. The story goes like this: as Angelina's marriage disintegrated, Mike, who had grown into the babyface role of optimistic and supportive twelve-stepper, offered her advice and friendship. But then, comrades, he pulled a major heel turn by talking with her ex-husband and ex-side-piece, recording the trash they talked about her, and then immediately shared it with the roommates. Up to and including the roommates' trip to El Paso that Angelina didn't go on, he then proceeded to stir the pot as much as possible to get the other roommates angry with Angelina. All of this will lead to the big blowout fight teased since the first episode's trailer, which somehow ends up with Angelina throwing a glass of wine on Nikki. All the while, the show is teasing the angle: will Mike relapse (on his past villainous ways).

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation - The Meatballs realize they've been getting played by Mike
The Meatballs realize they've been getting played by Mike [Jersey Shore: Family Vacation screencap]
A good deal of this week's episode was spent wrapping up the El Paso trip as the Meatballs nursed a hangover from Pauly's DJ gig the night before. Pauly and Vinny returned to Vegas so Vinny could get back to stripping. Everyone else went back to New Jersey, where J-Woww spoke at a Hero Kulture event in support of her son's Autism. Snooki and Deena were invited to a sit down with Angelina, who explained to them the very obvious concept that Mike gleefully talking to her ex-husband and then starting drama on his behavior is not good comrade behavior. The episode ended there, and maybe we'll get the confrontation next week. Or maybe they'll stretch it out for four more episodes. Haw haw haw!

To see the drama spill over to Twitter, where Mike has accused the show of giving Angelina a good edit (breaking kayfabe) and said Angelina is suffering from "liabetes" (soon to be a t-shirt, surely), you might worry that this could have an overall negative impact on Mike's mental health, but comrades, I wouldn't be surprised to see the season end in a happy note with everything forgiven over an excessive Italian feast cooked by Vinny's mom… that is, until they need to stir it all back up again for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 6. Until next time, amigos: socialism or death!

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