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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation S05E14 Gets Real with Loss & Depression

After the first season of the Jersey Shore revival, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the show has suffered from a lack of authenticity. In addition to the cast simply growing older, much of that is the result of cast members like Snooki and J-Woww developing a strong sense of social media savvy and no longer being willing to air out their dirty laundry in public. With Ronnie indefinitely suspended from the show for his frequent domestic violence arrests, Deena a wholesome family woman, and Pauly and Vinny having things more together from the start, that's left the show to rely on the now-sober Situation's legal drama and Angelina's messy love life as the source of most of its compelling drama.

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, Bleeding Cool's official Jersey Shore correspondent, here to tell you all about Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 Episode 14 "Spill the Tea," an episode that took a surprisingly heartfelt turn. The two main points of drama in this episode surrounded Angelina's growing depression over her divorce and a very sad situation involving Mike and Lauren's family dog, Mosey.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Gets Real with Loss and Depression
Angelina spills the tea to Deena on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation [screencap]
When your El Presidente is battling his enemies, usually political dissidents who want to spoil my country with "democracy" or the American CIA, I frequently cry out, "you will die like dogs!" I may have to adjust my catchphrase after this episode, comrades. It's just too real. So "Rot in hell, capitalist pigs!" it is from now on! Haw haw haw… haw. :(

Mosey has been a frequent guest star on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, so it was sad and shocking to see Mike and Lauren suddenly bring him to a vet where he was found to have cancer in his chest. As the episode progressed, it was revealed that the cancer started in Mosey's liver, resulting in a prognosis of 1-3 months, or 3-6 with successful chemo.

As the cast members visited Mike and Lauren, the show looked back at some of Mosey's best moments, casting an unusually somber mood over the show. Mosey's Instagram account hasn't been updated in 5 weeks, though it frequently goes months without an update, so his current status is unknown. Is that a tear running down my cheek, comrades? Be careful how you answer unless you want to be thrown in the dungeon.

It didn't stop there. Absent from the get-together was Angelina, and the reason why is she was having trouble getting out of bed, suffering from depression in the wake of the disintegration of her marriage. Thought normally her messy life is played for laughs and drama, as it was even earlier in the episode as Snooki and J-Woww tried to get Deena to "spill the tea" about Angelina's affair with All-Store Shore cast member Luis, Angelina is, in fact, a real person with real feelings. So Mike went to visit her, where he learned that her failed marriage and subsequently failed relationship with Luis had led the thirty-six-year-old star to fear she may never be able to have children. Suffering from his own issues with Mosey, Mike did his best to comfort her.

Of course, touching moments like these can only last so long, comrades. The teaser for next week's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation shows that something changes, causing the cast members to take Chris's side in Angelina's divorce, so fear not, the drama will return next week. Even still, this quiet and introspective episode is a rare gem in an often overproduced series, and reckoning with the emotions explores served as a surprising reminder of the connections formed when watching people's personal lives unfold on screen for over a decade. But if you tell anyone, comrades, well… until next time: socialism or death!

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