Jupiter's Legacy: Elena Kampouris Talks Chloe, Fear of Heights & More

Netflix's freshest superhero drama, Jupiter's Legacy, is a realistic look at complex family dynamics and the cyclical nature of history, but with capes. Leaping from the pages of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's "Biggest and best superhero story of all time", Golden Age heroes The Union must now struggle with the next era of supers in a world that has somewhat outgrown their antiquated ideals. This story is about kids who never asked for superpowers wanting to live their own life. Imagine your relationship with your parents, now add superpowers. 

One of those kids is Chloe Sampson, played by the energetic Elena Kampouris (American Odyssey, Sacred Lies) Chloe is the daughter of the two most powerful heroes Grace (Leslie Bibb) and Sheldon's (Josh Duhamel). She is immensely powerful but resents everything her parents stand for. Forging her own path to fame Chloe threatens to go against everything her parents have sworn to protect. Elena describes her as Artemis, Goddess of the hunt. She doesn't want to marry, she wants to do her own thing against the status quo. Recently Elena spoke to the press about researching Chloe, her training for the role, and building onscreen chemistry with her co-stars. 

Jupiter's Legacy's Elena Kampouris Conquers Fear of Heights as Chloe

Unfamiliar with the original graphic novel when this project came along, Elena Googled "Jupiter's Legacy" and started to research all that she could…

Elena Kampouris: I did not read the comics until after I booked it. Like I said before I don't like to read the books before because then I get too attached. Then I get possessive and then I don't want to get too emotionally invested.. Once I booked I was like fine, I want to get into this mythology, find out everything she does, her abilities, her family. I want to know what she eats for lunch. 

Was bringing her character to life a dream come true? Kampouris details her training and overcoming her fear of heights…

EK: It was very exciting for me because I loved the training aspect of it. We got ready a month or so before we started shooting. Everything from Wushu, martial arts, Krav Maga, all kinds of things. Some Muay Thai, which Mr. Ian Quinlan (Hutch) is a master by the way. That was really cool to delve into all these cultures through training. I really love Chinese traditional ballet, so I love how that related to Wushu. A big thing for me was overcoming my fear of heights. I don't know about you but It gives me heart palpitations. I didn't realize it until the day we were getting in the harnesses and saw Andrew soaring through the sky on the sound stage, I was like 'Oh yeah, I've got to get up there.'  – once I got in that thing it was riding up, chaffing in areas so I was very uncomfortable… We had an excellent stunt team. We had a great crew on this show. They walked me through it. I eventually conquered it and I felt liberated. I felt empowered. 

"Jupiter's Legacy" features authentic characters in very broad and real relationships. Elena explains how she, along with Andrew (Horton) built the tragic onscreen sibling relationship…

EK: Luckily, in meeting the wonderful cast that we have and Andrew playing my brother, I did feel, and hopefully that shows on screen, that there was a chemistry there… And that's the most exciting thing when you're acting out scenes and there are surprises. When there's discoveries made. When it's from the other person, it's sort of lifting your game. … That's cool because this is a really important relationship in the show and I do think he is her older brother. They are both protective over one another, when she sees him, she's trying to warn him like 'Bro, stop it. You're not going to be able to live up to this ideal that's impossible to live up to. It's perfection. It does not exist. It's a symbol and it's just going to destroy you. I'm already destroying myself.'  She's in this destructive sort of mode, and it's because she is just feeling so much pain. She is just navigating all these coping mechanisms, and kind of self-sabotaging herself. But she doesn't want her brother to go down that road. She's seeing how he's trying to keep up with it. 

 Jupiter's Legacy is currently streaming on Netflix. For more info check out www.netflix.com/JupitersLegacy 

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