Kenny Omega Appears on Impact Wrestling with AEW Championship

As promised, Kenny Omega appeared on Impact Wrestling on Tuesday with his newly-won AEW Championship. Omega won the belt from Jon Moxley on last week's episode of AEW Dynamite, a special event dubbed Winter is Coming, with help from Impact's Don Callis. Callis and Omega fled the building "like scalded dogs," according to Jim Ross, with Callis promising that AEW viewers wanting answers would have to tune into Impact, which airs Tuesdays on AXS TV (and also streams live on Twitch for free).

Kenny Omega appears on Impact Wrestling with Don Callis and the AEW Championship
Kenny Omega appears on Impact Wrestling with Don Callis and the AEW Championship.

Tonight's episode of Impact was built around the Omega appearance, with Omega's tour bus arriving at the building at the start of the show. Josh Matthews finally going to interview Omega and Callis on the bus at the end. AEW's Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone also appeared earlier in the night in a segment designed like a commercial. Thanks to the buzz from the crossover, Impact's Twitch viewership hovered at or above 40,000 viewers most of the night, a more-than-tenfold increase over their usual viewership of late and more than double the highest-ever viewership. During the Omega interview, viewership exceeded 50,000 viewers.

Here's what went down in the main event Kenny Omega interview segment from our weekly Impact Wrestling recap, which will be published tomorrow morning.

Josh Matthews enters the tour bus and sits down on a nice leather couch. Kenny and Don Callis come out to greet him. Callis says they wanted to change the nameplates on the AEW Championship live on Impact while they talk, so they start working on that. Matthews asks Callis how long this plan has been in the works. Callis says this started 27 years ago when Callis was trained by The Golden Sheik, Kenny Omega's uncle. Callis has known Omega since he was ten years old and Callis has looked after him all these years. Callis says he didn't give up a successful international business career to be the Impact color commentator. He claims everything that's happened over the past three years has all been part of this long term plan since he helped book Omega vs. Chris Jericho in NJPW, the match that inspired AEW. Callis says that last Wednesday on Dynamite changed the course of wrestling history again. Callis says he doesn't see it like the biggest screwjob since Montreal as he claims people are calling it, but rather setting wrestling history right by making Kenny the champion.

Matthews asks if cheating to win tarnishes Omega's legacy. Callis gets mad but Kenny makes him repeat the question. Kenny then takes over the interview. He justifies hitting Moxely with the microphone by pointing out that Callis is like a father figure to Kenny and Moxley punched Callis. What was Kenny supposed to do? Kenny berates Josh for being rude and not treating Kenny like the all-time-great that he is.

As to why Impact Wrestling, Omega says he was a collector as a kid of things like comic books. But no matter how many rare comics he collected, he could never get the rarest ones. His new hobby is collecting belts and he has the rarest prize of all. He compares the various championships to comics. AEW is Action Comics #1. AAA is X-Men #1. Impact is Spider-Man. Callis says there's titles at Impact Omega could go win right now. But Kenny says they've got a big announcement to make on Dynamite tomorrow so they have to get going. Kenny makes a joke about the Lex Express and then hits his catchphrase and leaves with Callis. Impact ends.

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