Kevin Nash is Voting for Biden But Respects Donald Trump's Hustle

Wrestling legend and movie star Big Sexy Kevin Nash didn't address the nation in a video message like his compatriots Dave Bautista and Mick Foley, but he did share a series of tweets in the few days before the election asking his followers to "vote blue." Nash, a longtime critic of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump, has never been unclear about his position. "I will be voting for the Biden/ Harris ticket," Nash tweeted. But despite those long-held and oft-expressed beliefs, Nash does recognize that Trump has been trying hard to win in the campaign's final week and isn't going to go down like some fingerpoke of doom.

Kevin Nash is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump
Kevin Nash is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump

"You can like him, love him or hate him. Super spreader aside. Trump is giving it his all," tweeted Big Sexy. "Tuesday makes the Super Bowl a 6th grade flag football game. Go Team Blue! Go Biden."

Nash also had respect for Trump's heel move during a recent 60 Minutes interview. "I thought the Trump busting up the 60 minutes interview then Kayleigh McEanay handing off over 1000 pages of a bogas health care package was good cheap heat," he said. "Shits plays like 80's Florida Championship Wrestling."

But perhaps Kevin Nash's final words on the election posted on Monday night? "Amazing 98% of Trump's base wouldn't be allowed on one of his golf courses."

The election is taking place right now so if you haven't voted, why the heck are you reading about what a wrestler says about it on a comic book website?! Get out there and do your civic duty. Go down to your local polling place and vote! Unless you're not in the United States, of course, in which case… can we stay at your place? Please?!

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