Kingkiller Chronicle: Lin-Manuel Miranda Offers Series Adapt Update

New project ideas from Lin-Manuel Miranda showed up in a recent interview for His Dark Materials on the possible TV adaptation of "Kingkiller Chronicle" book series. His excitement for the adaptation recently came out in an interview for the previously-mentioned HBO series he's currently starring in. The literary series, authored by Patrick Rothfuss, originally was being produced by Showtime back in 2017 starting with the initial novel, The Name of the Wind. Before all of that, Lionsgatehad obtained the rights two years previous, back in 2015, with fans of the series gaining excitement for more to be done visually with the series whether it was on TV or even in gaming. Ever since the project was dropped shortly after that, there's been hope that it would be picked up sooner or later. So in a recent interview for the His Dark Materials series, Miranda showed promise in the novel being picked back up again and finally given a home.

The Kingkiller Chronicle
Lin-Manuel Miranda in His Dark Materials series for HBO. Source: HBO

"I've gained new perspective on it, having been able to be a part of this other fantasy franchise and seeing how, 'Oh man, we did eight hours of story and we still didn't get all of the first book in there. What hope does a movie have?!' The answer is none," Miranda explained. "The real answer is a director and a script with a vision, that is a different thing [than the book] because you can't get all of Pat's incredible book into one movie, and I don't know if you can get it into one series. But it is an incredible world worth exploring, but it hasn't been cracked yet."

The Kingkiller Chronicles
Covers for books in The Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss. Source: Amazon

Miranda believes that "Kingkiller Chronicle" deserves more than a simple film, but instead deserves a series in order to crack open and explore the world made by Rothfuss. John Rogers is in talks to direct the series, he previously worked on the show LeverageThe main story of the series of books, tells the story of a character by the name of Kvothe who is a notoriously known wizard who travels alongside a musician. Miranda discusses how adapting a series feels like not enough with how much there is to explore in the world created there, but he also realizes the great opportunity TV offers compared to other media outlets. "Kingkiller Chronicle" is hopefully a series that the audience will grow excited for as they've done with other projects that Miranda has been part of.

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