The new additions to The Wheel of Time (Image: Amazon Prime Video)

The Wheel of Time: Amazon Prime Video Casts 6 More in Series Adapt

Those taking part in The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Book Club as part of #WOTWednesday were the first ones to learn of some major casting news for Amazon Prime's fantasy series adaptation of late author Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series of novels In the middle of a tweet discussion of Jordan's works to help[...]


"Foundation": Lee Pace, Jared Harris to Star in Apple TV+ Isaac Asimov Series Adapt

Fox, Warner Bros., and Sony have all attempted big screen adaptations, but found film to be too confining for the story's scope On the television front, HBO made an attempt as a series with Independence Day director Roland Emmerich and Westworld executive producer Jonathan Nolan.Foundation adds to a Skydance Televison programming slate that also includes Altered[...]

'Watchmen': Ozymandias Typing? Regina King Glaring? Don Johnson Concerned? [VIDEO]

Starring Academy Award-winner Regina King, Don Johnson, Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, Tim Blake Nelson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Louis Gossett Jr. [caption id="attachment_1031697" align="aligncenter" width="727"] HBO[/caption]HBO’s Watchmen includes Jeremy Irons an older Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias; Tim Blake Nelson as the interestingly-named Looking Glass, and Jean Smart as FBI Agent Blake. Regina King, Don Johnson, Louis Gossett Jr., Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Andrew Howard, Tom Mison, Frances Fisher,[...]

REPORT: Netflix Gives 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Greenlight

Some good and not-too-surprising news for fans of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy, the critically-acclaimed comic book series adaptation has been renewed for a second season Pop culture/entertainment website Screen Rant reports that production on a second season is expected to start in May 2019 and extend through to September 2019, with an expected early 2020[...]

American Gods | Eve of Destruction | STARZ

'American Gods' Season 2: Shadow Doesn't Know What to "Believe" Anymore [PREVIEW]

In the following preview for the Neil Gaiman adaptation, Shadow (Ricky Whittle) finds himself on a road trip to recruit more Old Gods for a throwdown with the New Gods When you consider that his roadtrip includes his living dead wife Laura (Emily Browning), pissy leprechaun Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber), and "Odin-Takes-The Wheel" himself, Mr[...]

'The Outsider': HBO's Stephen King Adapt Taps Andrew Bernstein as Director, EP

As the "Stephen King-ification" of the world rolls along, HBO's series adaptation of the author's bestselling supernatural novel The Outsider just boosted it's directorial "street cred." Andrew Bernstein (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Umbrella Academy) is on board to direct several episodes (along with executive producer Jason Bateman) and serve as executive producer With Ben Mendelsohn set[...]

The Walking Dead's "Where's Waldo" Spoof a Bit More Disturbing Than We Expected

By the time the mid-season finale of AMC The Walking Dead "Evolution" rolled its credits, our survivors had learned a very tragic and devastating truth–they're now facing an enemy unlike any they've ever faced before: The Whisperers, with leader Alpha (Samantha Morton), second-in-command Beta (Ryan Hurst), and Alpha's teenage daughter Lydia  (Cassady McClincy) claiming their first victim, Jesus (Tom […]

'The Walking Dead' Season 10: Danai Gurira Leaving; Joining Rick Grimes Films? (REPORT)

The 10th season of AMC's The Walking Dead will see a lot less Michonne, with reports that Danai Gurira (Black Panther) will depart the series. The Hollywood Reporter reported exclusively from sources that the actress/writer/playwright has signed a deal to turn to the recently renewed series, but in a limited capacity: the episodes Gurira does […]

'Doom Patrol': DC Universe Releases New Poster for Live-Action Series

If we needed to assign 2019 a pop culture theme already, "The Dawn of the Dysfunctional Super Team" would definitely be one of them. Next week's bring us Netflix's The Umbrella Academy and Amazon unleashes The Boys this summer…and let's not forget the "World's Strangest Heroes," as Doom Patrol makes its solo series debut on […]

AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Renewed for Season 10

With less than a week before the long-running AMC series returns to the network for the second-half of its ninth season, The Walking Dead has officially (no surprise) been renewed for a Season 10:'s a sneak preview for the series return this Sunday, though subscribers to AMC Premiere are getting a chance to screen the[...]

'The Walking Dead' Preview: "Adaptation" – Daryl Knows How to Separate Whisperers from Walkers

By the time mideseason finale of AMC The Walking Dead "Evolution" rolled its credits, our survivors had learned a very tragic and devastating truth: they’re now facing an enemy unlike any they’ve ever faced before: The Whisperers, with leader Alpha (Samantha Morton), second-in-command Beta (Ryan Hurst), and Alpha’s teenage daughter Lydia  (Cassady McClincy) claiming their first victim: Jesus (Tom[...]

walking dead

[Super Bowl LIII] Pregame 'The Walking Dead': Season 9 Return Now on AMC Premiere

So what are you waiting for, AMC Premiere members?Fans of AMC‘s The Walking Dead can now pre-game with Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the Whisperers before tonight's NFL Super Bowl LIII championship game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots.[caption id="attachment_964170" align="alignnone" width="1600"] AMC[/caption]AMC Premiere subscribers can now screen the ninth episode of the ninth season, the Greg Nicotero-directed[...]

Invincible: Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons and More Join Amazon's Animated Adaptation

Amazon Prime Video's eight-episode animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman's Skybound/Image comic book Invincible has just unveiled a pretty "super" voice cast for the series, with The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun and Counterpart's J.K Simmons set to lead an impressive line-up of talent Originally announced in June 2018, the series is expected to premiere on the[...]

'Deadly Class' "Noise, Noise, Noise" Has Fun Messing with Marcus (SPOILER REVIEW)

The biggest question we had coming out of the pilot episode of SYFY's Deadly Class, "Reagan Youth," was whether they could keep up the frenetic, excellent promise of the premiere. To quote Professor of Poisons Jürgen Denke (Henry Rollins), "Boy howdy, did they!" Deadly Class is as much a love letter to the '80s as it is a […]