Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: Beebo the God of War

This article contains spoilers for the DC's Legends of Tomorrow season three episode – Beebo the God of War.







This seemed like such a cute and funny episode coming out of such a tragic ending to the crossover. The team is still reeling from the death of Martin Stein, so much so that Leo from Earth-X has stuck around to help them get in touch with their feelings… and is using a Professor Stein puppet to do it. The therapy sessions don't go well, but we see just how much Jax is hurting. A timequake rocks the ship and they find a level 12 anachronism in the 10th century area that would become the United States. Seems something has prevented Leif Erikson from converting to Christianity and returning home. The continent becomes New Valhalla and instead of Christmas, they celebrate the birth of Beebo the God of War.

We cut to young Martin Stein (Graeme McComb making his annual appearance) at a store waiting in line to get Lily a Cuddle Me Beebo doll. Only when he gets the last one, he is shifted in time to the 10th century and captured by Vikings who believe Beebo is a god. The Legends go and rescue Martin, but have to go back to get Beebo to fix time. Agent Sharpe from the Time Bureau calls to offer condolences about Professor Stein and Sara asks for her help on this case. They dress as Vikings to infiltrate Erikson's camp and steal the toy. Meanwhile, Jax takes young Martin home and gives him a letter and told not to open it November 27th, 2017… the day of Barry Allen's wedding.

The things with the Legends fall apart because they're the Legends and because Leo is trying to get Mick off alcohol. But they are able to destroy the toy and convince the Vikings to go home… just as Damien Darhk arrives pretending to be Odin and hurling lightning to sell the act. The Legends retreat without confronting Darhk and his daughter. Sharpe reports to the Time Bureau in hopes of getting back-up, instead she is told to stand down and return home. Sara plans on trying to take Darhk alone, she can't lose anyone else. But the team refuses to leave her and go in with her. It seems Darhk has a problem controlling Nate when he's Steel, not sure why… but it's enough to throw him off. Leo and Mick take out Eleanor which makes Darhk run to her. Ray uses Beebo to tell the Vikings they need to embrace Christianity and head home… and that science and climate change are real. Darhk goes to teleport away, but Sara grabs on only to end up in an alternate reality where there is nothing but the voice of Mallus (John Noble). She is pulled back by Agent Sharpe who disobeyed orders to come help.

They fixed time, but Professor Stein is still dead. Jax goes to find out why and learns that young Martin burned the note without reading it. Saying that he obviously lives to the age of 67, has a family, adventures and has done something to have loyal friends. He doesn't want to cheat death. Jax gets to say good by to Martin again and returns to the ship where he tells Sara that he is going to leave. That this is his family, but he has to be on his own now. A different kind of adventure. He doesn't want anyone else to know, but they have a party for him anyway. And after Sara walks him out, she returns to the ship to find John Constantine sitting in the cargo bay tell her he needs her help. Seems there is a possessed little girl that keeps saying Sara's name.

This was, for the most part, a silly episode where a Tickle Me Elmo stand-in almost changed the world and Damien Darhk appeared looking like he was on the cover of a Spinal Tap album. But it also talked the the importance of grieving and helping each other. It gave Young Martin the chance for a good by as well as Jax without it overshadowing or being overshadowed by the Professor's death. The episode also upped the stakes with Mallus, hinted at more problems in the Time Bureau and laid the ground work for a relationship between Sara and Agent Sharpe. I mean, you saw Sara's look when Sharpe said, "I'm not the husband type."

The team has to be a bit unsure of itself now. Only Ray, Sara and Mick are left from the original team that Rip pulled together. They lost the original Leonard in season one, Carter and Kendra at the end of the first season, Rip hasn't been around much and left at the end of season two and now both Martin and Jax are gone. This may be the worst time for the team to meet Constantine who is known for getting his friends into bad situations with fatalities. The team seems a bit short handed, does this mean the rumors the Ray will be coming on board might be true?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow doesn't have a specific return date and time set yet, but it is said to be coming back in February.


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