The Line to Get Into the Line to Get Into The Already-Packed Critical Role Panel at MCM London Comic Con (VIDEO)

We already mentioned how the Critical Role panel at MCM London Comic Con went down. The voice actors-turned-Dungeons & Dragons players webseries that has become an international hit. But this was the first time they have been to Europe together.

As the show went into Twilight-meltdown yesterday, plans for today's panel had to change to accommodate them. There was still a little space in the Batman panel this morning for Batman fans as well as the mob of Critical Role fans, always referred to as critters, but two hours before the panel was to begin, there was a long line outside. And then an even longer line to join that panel. And the odds are that a handful would get in. Here's how they were looking.

Yes, Bleeding Cool got in. The panel has wrapped to glorious adulation. More on that later. But if you didn't make it through the curtains, maybe this will at least give you a little moment of glory…

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