Matt Hardy Asks Fans To Not Jump To Any Conclusions In Vague Post

WWE star Jeff Hardy was released by the company this past Thursday after an incident at a live event the weekend before where he looked out of sorts in the ring and exited mid-match through the crowd.  He was reportedly offered the ability to stay employed with WWE if he went to rehab, but he declined and was subsequently released.  Jeff's brother, former WWE star, and current AEW star Matt Hardy hasn't spoken directly on his brother's situation after his release but has taken to his official Twitter to make some vague if not suggestive posts that many believe are him speaking on his brother's current and future situation.

Matt Hardy Asks Fans To Not Jump To Any Conclusions In Vague Post
Jeff and Matt Hardy, aka The Hardy Boyz, seen here on SmackDown, courtesy of WWE.

In the first Tweet on Friday night, Matt Hardy posted the following, saying "I feel xtremely good about the future.", which caught fans' eyes as when they were The Hardy Boyz in WWE, they were known as "Team Xtreme".

He followed this with another Tweet last night, where he posted a video and gave a speech asking fans to "KNOW ALL THE FACTS BEFORE REACHING A CONCLUSION".


"In this day and age, there is so much information on the internet available to each and every one of us. Now, there's so much we can read, but that doesn't necessarily mean all of it's correct, that doesn't mean all of it is all accurate. There's also a lot of disinformation and misinformation and confusing information. There are so many people out there that will read one thing about a particular story and because of that one piece of a bigger puzzle or bigger picture, they will jump to a conclusion. They will pass judgment on a situation. The thing I ask of each and everyone out there is like when you hear about a situation and you find out one thing, make sure you find out as many facts as possible, get as many pieces of the puzzle, get as many pieces of the picture before you form a conclusion because if you don't, you may end up looking bad because it is very important in this day and age to know all the facts before you make a solid conclusion."

Whether this was about his brother or not remains to be seen, but it would fit how Matt Hardy has approached this situation thus far.  Many have speculated that Jeff will join Matt in AEW once his 90-day non-compete clause is up.  AEW President Tony Khan has yet to say anything about that and most people in wrestling are of the opinion that if Jeff is indeed dealing with substance abuse issues again, performing should not be his main focus right now.

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