Mayans MC/SAMCRO War "Definitely Going to Take a Season": Elgin James

As was pretty evident in the teaser that was released last week, the fourth season of Kurt Sutter & Elgin James-created "Sons of Anarchy" spinoff Mayans M.C. is going to find the franchise past literally going to war with its present. After the death of their Road Captain Montez (Jacob Vargas), SAMCRO is out for its pound of flesh and gallon of blood. And that's just one of the problems that EZ (JD Pardo), his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas), and the rest of the Santo Padre M.C. face when some serious retaliation comes their way from the other chapters after a failed attempt to align under one King. With the series set to return later this month, James is offering some thoughts on what viewers can expect, including the theme of "past vs present" we just mentioned as well as how this conflict won't be one that gets wrapped up nicely in just a few episodes.

MAYANS M.C. (Image: Screencap)

"I don't think [the past] is ever going to go away. Once the water breaks the dike, I don't know if it ever ends. I don't know how you put that back together," James explained during the show's recent Television Critics Association (TCA) press event. "We start [the season] off with a bang; we come out swinging. There's more action in the first episode than there was in the three earlier seasons. We will take our time and be patient because we also have to reset ourselves emotionally. But once it starts rolling again, there's no stopping it. [The war] is definitely going to take a season, and it may take the rest of these characters a lifetime." The FX series also stars Edward James Olmos, Danny Pino, Carla Baratta, Michael Irby, Raoul Max Trujillo, Richard Cabral, Emilio Rivera, Sarah Bolger, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero, and Vincent Vargas. Now with the series set to return on Tuesday, April 19, at 10 pm ET/PT, with two back-to-back episodes, here's a look at what's still to come with a look back at the newest teaser:

James and Sutter serve as executive producers, with Hilton Smith also serving as executive producer. 20th Television and FX Productions co-produce the upcoming new season. Each episode of the season will be available on Hulu the following day, with viewers also able to check out the streaming service for the show's previous three seasons. Now here's a look back at the official announcement of when the series would be returning to the cable network:

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