Mindless WandaVision Speculation: It Was Dick Van Dyke All Along?

Okay, this is totally, utterly mindless speculation. With the finale episode due this Friday at 8am GMT, there is so much speculation about who the big guest star is. Vision actor Paul Bettany has said, repeatedly, that it will big-time actor who he has always wanted to work with. "There's a huge reveal with an actor that I've always wanted to work with, and I have some real explosive scenes with him…there's stuff later on."

The two big-time favourites are Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, given that Scarlet Witch will appear in Doctor Strange 2, and the Vision never got any scenes with Doctor Strange in the Avengers movies. The other is himself – now that we have a WhiteVision and a… for want of a better word, a WandaVision… and I guess that totally justifies the portmanteau. He's a WandaVision. Anyway, could he go up against himself, and he was just being very funny about how he described that encounter?

That's where I'd put my money. But I might also have a side-bet on a certain Mr Dick Van Dyke. The first episode of WandaVision was modelled on The Dick Van Dyke Show from the fifties, and the most recent episode showed it was her favourite show as a child. Dick Van Dyke is most definitely still alive at the age of 95, Mary Poppins made him a legend in the UK, albeit an accent-mockable one, and he met with Kevin Feige and WandaVision producers in a consulting role for the show. Could he have slipped in a cameo as well?

Mindless WandaVision Speculation: It Was Dick Van Dyke All Along?
Dick Van Dyke — Photo by: Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank

Potentially created by Scarlet Witch, a returning Dick Van Dyke could be a father figure, recreated by Wanda in a time of need. Or maybe he could be a recast Magneto – the way Wanda reached out to that Stark Industries missile to stop it from killing her and Pietro did look a look like how Magneto, as a child, reached out to the gates of the concentration camp, being pulled from his mother, bending them out of recognition. Or, hell, maybe he'll play Mephisto?

But no, no, this is all just mindless speculation and, frankly, it is getting more mindless by the second. Be on your way, see you back on Friday morning with a big spoiler warning.

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