Mustafa Ali Hates What Riddle Has Done with the WWE US Championship

Mustafa Ali had some strong words for Riddle ahead of their match for the United States Championship on WWE Raw tonight. Ali believes that Riddle isn't taking the responsibility of holding the United States title seriously and plans to take it from him by any means necessary tonight.

Mustafa Ali cuts a Twitter promo on Riddle ahead of their United States Championship match on WWE Raw.
Mustafa Ali cuts a Twitter promo on Riddle ahead of their United States Championship match on WWE Raw.

In order to produce a high enough word count to make writing an article about this worthwhile, we ran Ali's promo through a transcription robot.

"It is beautiful, isn't it?" said Ali in the video, standing in front of a large American flag. "The thing is, it could be even more beautiful. All it needs is a little direction, and Riddle, you have the opportunity to provide it. As the United States Champion, Riddle, you get to be the voice that we so desperately need to hear. That you use your voice to talk about scooters and bronuts and how everything is all good, Riddle, you literally have the opportunity that I have been fighting for my entire life. And you do nothing with it."

"That's okay," Ali continued. "I can fix that. I can fix all of it. All I have to do is become the United States Champion. And Riddle, I'm not saying you're not worthy of being a champion. I'm just saying you're not the champion that we need right now. So Riddle, I would like to apologize in advance for the heinous acts that I will commit upon you tonight. And it's simple, Riddle. It's because the United States champion, he needs to be named Mustafa Ali."

In addition to Riddle vs. Mustafa Ali for the United States Championship, The New Day are also scheduled to challenge Hurt Business for the Raw Tag TEam Championships. WWE Raw tonight is billed as the "All Mighty Edition" of the show, though WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is not booked in any specific matches at this time. A preview reads simply:

The All Mighty Era has begun.

After laying waste to The Miz in a rematch for the WWE Championship last week, Bobby Lashley looks poised to simply dominate everyone who crosses his path.

What's next for The CEO of The Hurt Business now that he is WWE Champion?

Find out this Monday on Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network!


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