My Hero Academia S05E21: Meta Liberation Army Throws a "Revival Party"

The League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army meet face-to-face on this week's episode of My Hero Academia, "Revival Party". While the League of Villains waits for Gigantomachia to wake up and chase after Shigaraki with a plan in mind to bring the army down. However, just like the heroes, the League seems to be in a journey of self-discovery that might prove fatal to the Liberation Army if they continue growing as they are.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia (Image: Screencap)

So yeah, we finally get some insight into the Meta Liberation Army and their ideals, as well as how ingrained into society's power they are with famous people and heroes at their disposal. decides to throw a very violent welcome party for the League of Villains as they enter the city where they agreed to meet up. The League quickly gets cornered and overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Liberation Army, who confess they have trained harder and longer than most heroes have. We do see they seem to easily sacrifice themselves or others in other to achieve their bigger goal and take down the League.

They all get separated and each has to face enemies stronger than they have before. Especially in Toga's case. In the midst of her battle, we do get more of her background as well as her power. Turns out a journalist who once had interviewed her parents is now fighting her and trying to obtain answers from Toga herself. In the midst of her last try Toga intakes the last of Ochaco's blood she had on reserve and for the first time she was able to unlock a new power: using the power of the hero whose blood she ingests. In a very disturbing scene, she manages to use Ochaco's gravitational pull in ways we have never seen before.

Same with Shigaraki, on his final throws of exhaustion and delusion as he has not gotten rest in days, we see his power grow before our eyes: he is able to extend decay even on bodies he has not touched. It seems this journey of growing pains the League of Villains seems to be experiencing is right on par with our heroes in training. Hell is definitely about to break loose and it seems closer than ever now. While I am not ready for My Hero Academia to break our hearts, I am definitely ready for the action to start.

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