"My Hero Academia" Season 4 "Gold Tips Imperial": Solid, Slow Ep Still Setting Up…Something? [SPOILER REVIEW]

On My Hero Academia "Gold Tips Imperial", we continue to see Class 1-A giving their best to prepare for the upcoming School Festival. Once again, not much really happens in this episode. Mostly set-up… but for what? Hmmm… However, I am sure that we will soon be up to our quirks in impeding doom before we know it.

The change of pacing is quite fascinating considering we are actually getting more relaxing/comedic tone than I'm used to – and the change was nice. Deku and Class 1-A get a little visit from our favorite boi, Mirio, who came along with Eri to give her a little experience of life outside. Mr. Aizawa does clarify it is necessary to avoid shocking her with too much at the festival. It was a very sweet scene, watching Deku and Mirio escort her around school.

My Hero Academia

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We get to see UA students we have met throughout the years and all the work they are putting into the School Festival. I liked that we are also shown how the Police warns Principal Nezu of the dangers that lurk for UA students– and while he admits that it might not be the best time for a festival he still fights for the students and their right to experience happiness. I think this is the first time I truly felt I got a chance to see the real Principal Nezu. Every other time before it made me feel like: hmm.. what if you are the villain? Yet this time, I really appreciated his effort in trying for his students to not become too cynical.

Before jumping to our new favorite villain, we see Yaoyorozu offer of her favorite tea to her classmates. Which will connect to Gentle Criminal as he tells La Brava of his big plan to to infiltrate the UA and before such a big event he must first try of this elusive tea– the Golden Tips Imperial. Fit for the biggest con he will try to pull.

I wonder if there will be some sort of connection between Gentle and Yaoyorozu. Also, it is important to note: there seems to be some sort of bond between Gentle and La Brava. I believe more so than any other villains we have seen before. I wonder if they will try to make us feel for him to some extent.

In the midst of all the preparation, Deku comes across one of Gentle's videos. I will definitely be looking forward to the encounter between those two. I mean, Gentle must know who the boy is by now. This episode was definitely a different vibe to My Hero Academia than I am used to, but it held its own and kept the storyline threads running for what feels like (and what we're hoping for is) a big payoff.

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