My Hero Academia Season 5 E10 Review: Much-Needed One For All Insight

Deku and Shinso face each other once again on this week's episode of My Hero Academia, "That Which Is Inherited". So much at stake on this last round of the group combat training as it will determine who the winning class is. However, Deku is still worried about One For All, and rightfully so as a new power starts manifesting and things do not start off well for Class 1-A.

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Round 5 and the final match is about to start, on Class 1-A we have Team Deku with Ochaco, Mina, and Mineta. On Class 1-B we have Team Neito with Nirengeki, Reiko, Yui, and Shinso. Class 1-B quickly strategizes a plan of attack, meanwhile, Deku knows he will be targeted and takes the role of bait. However, his uneasiness seems to keep growing and they come across their enemies. Right before battle starts, Gran Torino returns All Might's call and relays to him that Nana had a similar dream to the one Deku had- however the All For One lineage of predecessors told her it was not time yet. All Might quickly hangs up and wonders when the time they referenced will come.

Before the battle, Shinso and Neito were discussing the time Deku was brainwashed and Neito wondered what got Deku to respond. He proceeds to make allusions as to how similar their powers are and rambling about his hopes and dreams becoming a burden or curse in the face of having to act like a hero to become one. This was a bit odd, and I am pretty sure Shinso's face mirrored mine. Are they trying to plant a seed of distrust for Neito? He definitely does not strike me as an evil–to-be.

However, once Deku encounters Neito and the battle starts, Neito does not let go of the constant provoking and does a great job at getting to Deku along with ShinShso hidden. As Deku starts getting angry and chasing after Neito a new power manifests and Deku is not able to control himself. The new power gets out of control and All Might tells Aizawa there is something off. Meanwhile, Deku tells Neito to run and tells the same to Shinso as more starts bursting out. He nearly hurts his own comrades, yet they run to help immediately. Ochaco's gaining momentum and wrapping herself around Deku was a great move, she also asked Shinso to use his power on Deku.

This was a very nice scene as Shinso just had to be himself to get Deku to answer. As well as Ochaco trying to help the person who has inspired her most it seems. Meanwhile, in his mind, Deku gets to meet one of the previous vestiges of All For One, and wow, that was amazing. We get to find out Deku might be the "moment" Nana referred to. The predecessor explains to Deku he just manifested his quirk, Blackwhip. He tells Deku there will be more quirks manifesting in him soon and reminds Deku he is not alone. He also explained how One For All works at the core and it has now grown strong enough to grant him access to quirks that are now more powerful than the predecessors that once held them. Before leaving he urges Deku to continue working hard, to continue acknowledging anger but asks him to learn how to control his emotions while using his quirks.

I am so excited to get to know more about One For All and its previous users. I love these moments where Deku gets to understand more of it and the people who used them. I cannot wait to see what other quirks we will Deku struggle to control. It might have felt like this season of My Hero Academia started off slow, but these last two episodes have been pretty amazing and make me look forward to what will come next so much more. I also cannot wait to see who will win this last round… Of course, I am totally biased and would love for Class 1-A to win, and this upcoming episode looks like it will be tons of fun.

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