Nine Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Pyramid At The End Of The World – Do You Consent?

Just seen Doctor Who: The Pyramid At The End Of The World on BBC 1. It airs on BBC America at 9pm ET. Come back then.

1. That's New.z1

Mixing Previously-Seen-On and Now-Definitely-Happening, with screen notation. That's playing with the formula a little…

But it is a shame that Penny never got to see the Pope. The UN Secretary General is not quite the same. It's never healthy to be high in office in the Doctor Who Universe. But man, she and penny can never get a break.

2. Agent Orange


We have an Orange President. And no, Bill wouldn't have voted for him.

But remember the last time everyone made the Doctor the President of the World? All part of Missy's plan, because she knew how the procedures work. The Monks of course also have full human historical knowledge, and will see all of this coming.

3. Memory Matters


Bill Potts doesn't know the soldiers. But they know her. Is it likely she has been taken underneath the Tower Of London a few times to the Black Archive and had the memory of her visit wiped by the Brigadier? It does seem that way.

4. The End Of Your Life Has Already Begun


The Doctor is preparing for his death. For the want of a glasses frame… the world was lost. And his own glasses, his dark eyes, prepare for his own death. The last season for the Twelfth Doctor and it will be prepared for in a number of tiny pieces. Laid on with a trowel. And while the world looks at the movements of the military, it's the tiniest things, picked up by their simulation, that are actually, accidentally leading to the end of all things. Will this be true of The Doctor as well?

5. Tomb Of The Mondasians


The open mouth Monk with words that don't fit the sounds expressed really say Mondasian Cybermen to me. And, yes, Pyramids are tombs. Also, they can fly planes. Move missiles. Release pilots.

But only if everyone consents. That really feels like Cyberisation. This was a Bleeding Cool theory from last week that seems to be gaining popularity…

You know how a program asks if you want to install it? That's what this invasion feels like.

6. Who Watches The Doctor?


Everyone's doing Doomsday clocks. DC Comics, Doctor Who…. end of the world, end of the Doctor's life.

Remember in the Eleventh Hour when the Doctor set everyone's clocks to zero, to attract those looking for Prisoner Zero? If the Monks have the secrets of all humanity's history, including the Doctor, they probably have that too.

Nice that one countdown is countered with another. And we have a Blind Watchmaker.

7. Companion Feature


The role of the companion was to provide exposition for the audience, letting the Doctor tell us what he knew. Now we have Nardole, a companion whose job is to tell the Doctor what the audience already knows. Or, you know, we had Nardole. Just too human it seems…

8. A Little Help Needed


The invaders use the tiniest changes to the world so that it will die from a bacterial plague. In the War Of The Worlds, it was common bacteria that killed the invading Martians. In either case it was the tiny things. Is that why the show cast a little person as the scientist who lost her glasses and ended the world?

And of course it would be my home county of Yorkshire that dooms the world. Sorry everyone.

9. Electoral Dictatorships


Humanity, whenever given the big choices in Doctor Who, whenever asked to decide one thing or the other, always, always, always makes the wrong decision. Whether enslaving a space whale, or killing a space egg foetus, or voting for an Orange president, or Brexiting…

Maybe we could do with a benign alien dictatorship? Do we consent?


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